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The Best European Honeymoon Destinations For Summer

I’ve previously talked about how to make the honeymoon phase a lifestyle so I wanted to share the best European honeymoon destinations for summer with you! I view honeymoons as more of a mind set and experience, not to only be enjoyed once, but throughout your whole life together. In this post, I’m going to share the best European honeymoon destinations that are the best during summer months.

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The Best Way To See Capri, Italy


Positano is one of the most beautiful and elegant places in the world. You have the option to lounge by the pool, take cooking classes, or go on a boat tour, all in one place. The food and wine scene is phenomenal, and the people are so friendly here. It’s truly a lover’s paradise.

Positano, Italy Travel Itinerary


Capri, just a boat ride away from Positano, Italy is my personal most favorite place. The turquoise water, extravagant villas and castles, authentic cuisine and limoncello. The Capri experience is a dream. There are extravagant hotels, yachts docked off shore, and cute cafes to hang out at, but they also have some of the best beaches to tan and relax at. Not to mention, the shopping in Capri is absolutely splendid, my friends. Make sure to check out Wonderland Capri and tell them Amy sent you:)!

The Best Way To See Capri, Italy


Malta is one of the most underrated destinations in the world. I might be a little biased since I am Italian and Maltese ;), but Malta truly is a gem. Located just off of the coast of Italy, Malta is a magical island with a small population. One of the best parts about Malta is the Blue Lagoon which is on Comino Island. Malta has another island called Gozo as well. They are all absolutely stunning and have so much history and architecture from hundreds of years ago.Fun fact – they even filmed some of Game of Thrones there:) blue lagoon malta


Greece has so many beautiful islands, so you really can’t go wrong, but the hot new place is Cavo Tago in Mykonos. I went to Mykonos years ago and LOVED it. It has grown so much over the past few years, making it easier for travelers to get around which is great for you:) Mykonos has a great party scene, boat scene, food scene, and overall scene. It’s definitely one of the most relaxing places in Greece.

cavo tagoo

French Riviera

The French Riviera is the epitome of glam. There are hotels that look like castles, not to mention lots of actual castles, designer shopping, five star hotels with beautiful pools, Michelin star restaurants, yachts, boats, beaches – what more could you ask for? If you love the sun and a little culture, the French Riviera is the way to go. Another fun thing to do is rent a car while here, but make sure you get insurance!

french riviera

I hope this post helped inspire you to travel!