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How to make the honeymoon phase a lifestyle

The best way to describe the honeymoon phase is that blissful period of time when you cannot get enough of each other, negatives are nonexistent, and passion is in full force. Your body experiences a flurry of chemical changes as dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline levels spike, and you feel this natural high that is unmatched.

The length of this phase varies for everyone, depending on their situation, but one thing is for sure – YOU decide how you are going to look at your circumstances.

A major factor in every relationship is mutual happiness. You have to be happy yourself to share happiness with your partner. It’s all about perspective, attitude, and action.

Here are 15 ways to make the honeymoon phase a lifestyle…

  1. Be spontaneous and unpredictable once in a while. Take a last minute trip to Palm Springs and book a place to stay on the way. Walk around the house naked. Make breakfast in bed. Just do something you wouldn’t typically do.
  2. Practice positive and gratitude affirmations. If you both actively work on bettering yourselves together with a positive mind, and showing your gratitude while doing so – you will grow stronger individually and together. (30 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life.) When one of you is having a bad day, the other will be there to pick you up, and vice versa.
  3. Take the love language test and act accordingly to cater to each other’s needs. We all need different things and it’s best to discuss these needs with your partner.
  4. Support one another’s dreams. Talk about your dreams with one another, make a vision board, and plan how you are going to make them happen together. Attaining your dreams together will make you feel this indestructible bond that no one can take away from you. Team work makes the dream work.
  5. Make a bucket list together of travel destinations, adventures you want to experience, etc. Do at least one of the things on the list each year. This gives you both something to plan together and share excitement over.how to make the honeymoon phase a lifestyle
  6. Go see a comedy show together. Or with your friends. Just get out of the house for a good laugh and enjoy it. Making each other laugh is always important, but if you’re both in the mood for laughing so hard your stomach hurts, then a comedy show (or watching Dave Chappelle on Netflix) is the perfect remedy.
  7. Spend time apart – whether it’s for a few hours or a few days. When you’re away from the one you love after constantly being around them, you’ll be reminded how important they are in your life. Once you are reunited, you will be inseparable after your hour long cuddle sesh.
  8. Unplug from technology. Put the phones away during a designated time and live in the moment with one another. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air, drive over to the beach, or just hang out.
  9. Create a tradition. If you met at a specific bar, recreate that night and live it like it was the first night you met each other. You can reminisce the early stage butterflies, and talk about how much you appreciate having each other in your lives. And how thankful you are that you can be and feel so comfortable with one another.
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  11. Take care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you play good. Being the best version of you will inspire others around you too.
  12.  Always fight naked. Keep the small, petty fights to a minimum. If you’re in an argument that isn’t going anywhere but downhill, get naked and you’ll probably both forget why you were even arguing in the first place. Fighting is a waste of negative energy and won’t solve any issues for either of you.
  13. Celebrate wins together. Or as Rumi would say “fan each other’s flames.” You’re both in this together and it’s important to remember that you’re a team.
  14. Plan a date night. Do something you’ve both never done. Get out and dance the night away with friends. Text each other from across the table while out about what you’re going to do when you get home. Even if those plans entail of ordering two large pizzas, weed, and more wine. Or stay in and watch a movie together.
  15. Compliment each other for an extra boost of confidence. We all need the extra boost sometimes.


A major key factor in making the honeymoon phase a lifestyle is to never forget why you fell in love in the first place. Every relationship takes effort from both sides to keep it going strong and feeling like an endless honeymoon phase. Keep the excitement and romance alive with surprises, smiles, spontaneity, an open-mind, and showing your appreciation for them. But most importantly – LOVE.

Happy honeymooning!

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