As I prepare for the new year I have been going through all my notes, to do lists, old photos and goal lists. And yes, I have a ton of content I’m coming out with soon including more video – finally. This year has been nothing like the rest. I actually quit working corporate, self-funded and am running a luxury silk line that gives back to non-profit organizations I am passionate about, drove cross country with my best friend which led to me becoming legit bi-coastal, began blogging and consulting full time, traveled throughout South East Asia and Australia for 2 months – half of the trip alone, and met my soul mate after dating a fair share of ********.  It hasn’t been the easiest year, but it has been the most adventurous and I went through a lot of self-growth.

I think it’s important to take life day by day because you can’t control everything – but you can make the best of it.


Remember that life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

Australia alone was short and sweet because I had to fly back to California to work with some brands and mags at Coachella – however, I loved every minute of it. Would I go alone again? Honestly, no. I’ve traveled alone a lot the past few years, I know I’m capable of handling myself at this point (really well, actually), and for the first time on my 2 month trip I felt a little lonely while tanning and taking photos at Bondi Beach. Maybe it was the beautiful lovers rolling around exchanging flirty laughs in the sand, or the huge groups of tourists and families taking photos on the beach, or the locals exchanging inside jokes in their sexy accents – but at that point on the trip I was over being alone.

 Traveling alone is beautiful because you get to meet so many other like-minded people who are on this adventure alone too. That feeling of waking up not knowing how your day is going to pan out is one I will never get tired of.

A feeling of complete freedom to choose your experiences – experiences that will change your perspective forever.

 However, I think that making memories with someone else is just as, if not more, fun and fulfilling – depending where you are mentally at this point in your life and also where you are traveling to. I was lucky to have made some friends who I still keep in contact with today – and I’m so grateful for those relationships and experiences – but I think a place like Australia is meant to be explored with a group of people or a loved one.


I was with a good friend in Melbourne and she showed me an amazing time but I ventured Sydney alone and next time I will definitely go with a group or lover. Whether you are planning on going alone or with someone – here is my day guide to Sydney.



The most beautiful beach I have seen in a while. The warming sunshine, tanned surfers, crashing waves, blue hues and white sand – it felt as if I was living in a movie.

And the photo of me below was taken by an Asian tourist family after I agreed to be in their family photo – at least it wasn’t taken with a selfie stick;)

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I asked my Uber driver what he recommended for my loner venture and he told me to explore the Royal Botanic Garden and walk all the way to the Sydney Opera House. So I did and it was beautiful. Thank you Uber driver man – you were one of the nicest drivers I’ve ever had and you made my day!



Obviously had to check out the Sydney Opera House. Didn’t have time to see anything there but definitely will next time. There are a ton of really cool restaurants surrounding the Opera House – I recommend cruising Sydney Harbor and then enjoying dinner by the sea.

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Another great place to walk around during sunset – it’s right by the Opera House.



Walking around here and appreciating the architecture is fun. Lots of locals out and about – amazing energy.



Didn’t see a show here either but loved the architecture.



Again with the architecture.



I’ve never been a major mall shopper but after being in third world countries for 2 months – I was ALL ABOUT IT. Best mall if you’re looking for a big selection.