Rockhouse Hotel

Heaven on Earth

Imagine your own premium villa with it’s own private patio overlooking the pristine blue ocean, paddle boarding and snorkeling right outside your front door, an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, authentic Jamaican cuisine available 24/7, unbelievably charming yet professional hospitality, and good vibes all around. The lifestyle at the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica is incomparable. It’s the paradise you’ve been searching for.

I’m usually the type of traveller to go explore the local town and experience the culture, but I just couldn’t leave Rockhouse. The hotel has so much culture and history in itself that you don’t need to leave. It’s the most iconic hotel in Jamaica that’s been visited by some of my favorite legends including Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and even The Rolling Stones. Joey and I both felt more inspired than usual here – it just has that magical atmosphere where you feel like time is stopped and you can clearly concept and enjoy every waking moment to the fullest.

 Words and photos won’t due this location justice – it’s indescribable and a place that you just need to experience for yourself. But in the meantime, here are some photos from our adventure and stay tuned for the video coming soon.

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