How To Get Fit During Quarantine With Yoga (GIVEAWAY)

Since we’re all staying home to help flatten the curve, I want to share a secret on how to get fit during quarantine because I’ve been getting asked this question a lot. The only option we really have is to stay active at home which honestly isn’t that bad – it’s kind of nice. However, I know it can be difficult to stay motivated which brings me to my solution…

How To Get Fit During Quarantine

A program that’s been really keeping me staying active and sane during the pandemic is Bulldog Yoga Online. Bulldog Yoga Online offers a huge variety of classes – for someone just starting their yoga journey to people looking for intense classes. Classes are taught in English and they all have really great playlists which always makes such a huge difference. They even have a meditation series which is crucial during a time like this.

Bulldog Yoga Online is fitness-fueled yoga with a musical heart and it’s intimidation and judgement free. You can sweat it out at home while cooped up during this crazy pandemic.

There’s never been a better time to try Bulldog Yoga Online. It’s time-efficient, affordable, and great for your mental and physical health.

How To Get Fit During QuarantineHow To Get Fit During Quarantine

Because I love this program so much, I’ve partnered up with Bulldog Yoga Online to gift one free year-long membership. All you have to do is try one month free with code AMY25. This code will give you one month free and 25% off of your second month. It’s only $12.99 per month normally which is such a great deal for how high quality and effective all the classes are. Definitely worth it.

Start Bulldog Yoga Online with me here.

Winner will be announced on my Instagram in my stories next week.

How To Get Fit During Quarantine With Yoga

How To Get Fit During Quarantine