Wake Up Call By W Hotels Is The Future Of Music Festivals

Wake Up Call by W Hotels is the world’s first hotel music festival to exist. And tbh, after attending, I don’t think I can go back to any other type of music festival. Wake Up Call is the coolest, most convenient, and elevated festival experience I’ve ever had, hands down. It’s pure genius.


Wake Up Call Fest By W Hotels  Wake Up Call Fest By W Hotels - W Hollywood

Imagine this. You check into your luxe hotel, unpack, get dressed & ready, take an elevator, and voila! You’ve arrived to see your favorite artists perform. No waiting in long lines amongst huge crowds, no subpar food or cocktail shortages, no losing your friends in the crowd with no cell service to find them, and no fiascos trying to find an Uber home afterwards. You just experience pure bliss. Then when the performances wrap up, you can take the elevator back down to your room, order room service, and get ready for the next day of fun.

Wake Up Call By W Hotels  Wake Up Call Fest By W Hotels


Another great part about this music festival series is that you can go explore the cities and experience the various cultures. The three major locations that they’ve chosen for this year – Hollywood, Barcelona, & Bali – are all so unique which makes them perfect destinations.

During the two day music festival, guests can also enjoy luxurious spa treatments, and energizing fitness programs for guests who want to detox, retox, and repeat. There is something for everybody, whatever your fancy may be. Whatever/Whenever. Wake Up Call is truly an upgraded music festival experience.

Wake Up Call Fest By W Hotels  Wake Up Call Fest By W HotelsWake Up Call By W Hotels Veuve  Wake Up Call By W Hotels


Wake Up Call By W Hotels

So if you love music festivals and traveling, this is the luxury experience for you. Wake Up Call by W Hotels has three international stops in Hollywood, Barcelona, and Bali. Book your tickets to this life-changing festival here and hope to see you there!