Rowan Palm Springs – An Exclusive Hotel With A Rooftop Pool & 360° View

Finally, a luxury hotel in Palm Springs that has luxury decor, vibes, and views. I fell in love with the dreamy rooftop at the Rowan Palm Springs – it was everything I imagined.

Read on for my full review on the hotel and photos.

Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel

Let me save you the trouble. Avoid traffic at all costs. Don’t make the mistake we made, and head out to Palm Springs from LA on a rainy Friday. If you can, I suggest leaving early morning to avoid traffic or really late at night. And if possible, avoid driving when it rains in LA, because no one knows how to drive in the rain here. There were 12 accidents on our way out and it took three times longer than usual. 12.

Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely staff who were really cool. I liked their vibe; it was honest, helpful, warm, and welcoming. And how beautiful is the decor? I love the consistent blue and gold color palette throughout the hotel – so chic, modern, and Palm Springs-esque.

Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton HotelRowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel   Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton HotelRowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel

The Rooms:

We then arrived to our room and honestly, I had a mini breakdown because it was so small with no balcony, and on the first floor. (I wouldn’t usually care, but it was my birthday weekend, so you know how that goes.) The building is 6 stories tall, and I didn’t want to be in a tiny box, after I had just seen these amazing photos online. We called downstairs and asked if there was anything else available, and they were able to move us to a corner room with a balcony. It was on the second floor and didn’t face the mountains, so I was still a bit bummed, but it was much better than before.

Recommendation: Call ahead of time and ask for a room that faces the mountains and is on the 3rd floor or higher, with a balcony. 

Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton HotelRowan Palm Springs - Kimpton HotelRowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel


The pool is magnificent. Where else can you be in a pool, 6 stories high, surrounded by mountains and desert? I couldn’t think of anywhere else either.

The view from the Rowan Palm Springs rooftop pool is priceless.

The only con of the pool, is that kids are allowed. I know I’m such a scrooge for not liking loud kids, but when it’s 11 A.M., and Joe and I are relaxing poolside, the last thing we want to hear is a group of kids playing Marco Polo. I don’t blame the hotel for this, but the parents. If you are bringing your kids to Palm Springs, be polite and rent a house.

 The hotel did give us a complimentary drink though – which made things a little better.

Rooftop bar:

High Bar is the name of the bar on the roof. High Bar has a list of quality cocktails, wine, and light bites. The drinks here are honestly my favorite in Palm Springs. They reminded me of NYC cocktails.
Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel

Room service & Restaurant:

We ordered in the first night, and the second night went to 4Saints. The food was good. I think they need more vegan and gluten-free options to be honest because there wasn’t much I could eat. I expect Palm Springs hotels to have more healthy options especially since it is famed as Hollywood’s Playground you know? I will say that their Passion Fruit Crepe was the best dessert I’ve ever had though. I know it definitely wasn’t gluten-free but it was unbelievable.

The service was outstanding – both for room service and at 4Saints. Joe had told them ahead of time that it was my birthday, so they brought out extra macaroons and a card signed by all their staff. It was so cute and definitely left me feeling super special.

Rowan Palm Springs - Kimpton HotelRowan Palm Springs - Kimpton Hotel

Until next time lovers!

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