The Ultimate Cambodia Travel Itinerary & Guide

Cambodia is a destination that needs to be on your bucket list. The sights, the culture, the people, and the food are all so unique. Although I was only able to go for 4 days while on my Southeast Asia adventure, I recommend you go for about 2 weeks and I’d go quickly before the beaches get too commercialized. Read on below for the ultimate Cambodia travel itinerary & guide.

Angkor Village Botanical ResortAngkor Village Botanical Resort

Day 1

Where to stay: 

Angkor Village Botanical Resort

Angkor Village Botanical ResortWhat to do:

Angkor Wat

A temple complex in Siem Reap. This is the largest religious monument in the world. Angkor Wat is truly breathtaking and mind blowing at the same time. It’s really unbelievable, yet beautiful that this was all built by humans. Spend at least 2-3 hours exploring this magnificent place.

Angkor Wat In CambodiaAngkor Wat In Cambodia Angkor Wat In Cambodia

Always support the local artists. I bought a couple paintings and they really add character to the home.Angkor Wat In Cambodia


One of these beautiful creatures died from heat exhaustion 2 days after I was here. Angkor WatAngkor Wat In CambodiaAngkor Wat In CambodiaAngkor Wat In Cambodia

Traveler tip: You can hire a driver for the day in Angkor for about $35 – definitely recommend this over anything else – it’s extremely hot and there are no Ubers or Lyfts in sight. Plus you want to hang out with locals – especially if traveling alone.

Angkor Wat In CambodiaDAY 2

Take a short flight from Siem Reap and fly into Sihanoukville – the coast of Cambodia.otres-2-beach


Where to stay

White Boutique Hotel

This is where I recommend you stay for a few days before going to explore the other islands – the White Boutique Hotel on Otres 2 Beach. (There is an Otres I and Otres II Beach – make sure you are clear with your cab driver because they are not walking distance from each other). Many other resorts are under construction farther away from the ocean but honestly you want a hotel on the beach and this is the best one by far. The only bummer is that they don’t have room service or a mini fridge so make sure to stock up on snacks before you smoke weed with the locals, take a nap, wake up at 9 PM, realize that have no munchies, go looking for food and almost get attacked by a dog on the unlit street. These things happen. Don’t do as I did. Prepare.

What to do:

Chill.The Ultimate Cambodia Travel Itinerary & Guide



This beach is more for the backpackers who like hostels and being accompanied by young people. They had some bungalows that looked cute but didn’t stay here because I need air conditioning.

The Ultimate Cambodia Travel Itinerary & Guide



This island is Heaven on Earth. Take a boat from Otres Beach and stay at Koh Rong Samloem in a chill bungalow for a week or so. Go before it gets commercialized though – a local told me that an airport was going to be built soon on the island so go before this oasis is ruined.

Koh Rong SamloemKoh Rong SamloemKoh Rong Samloem CambodiaKoh Rong Samloem Cambodia

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The Ultimate Cambodia Travel Itinerary & Guide