villa marie hotel saint barth reviewsMy heart goes out to everyone that was affected by Hurricane Irma. I know Saint-Barth and the rest of the Caribbean will come together and unite to be stronger than ever. If you would like to help those affected in Saint-Barth, you can donate to the cause by clicking here or here. <3

Important note: Hurricane season is typically from end of August to November. Many hotels shut down during this time due to frequent storms and hurricanes, so the best time to visit is between December to July.

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For the romantics who love unpretentious luxury and culture – I’ve found the absolute perfect travel destination for you. Villa Marie Saint-Barth is the ultimate hotel if you are looking for an authentic and intimate experience. 

Saint-Barth has style

Saint Barth is one of the most clean, beautiful, glamorous, sophisticated, and luxurious islands I have ever experienced. It is similar to the South of France, except more chill and laid-back. The island has everything you could ever desire – yachts, adventurous activities, beautiful beaches, designer shopping, fine dining, luxury hotels, and top notch spas. Additionally, the wonderful people of the island are truly sincere, well-mannered, happy, and overall good vibes – so refreshing! Saint-Barth is a French-speaking Caribbean island as it is a French province. If you don’t speak French, Saint-Barth will have you downloading Duo Lingo before you’ve left the island because you will definitely plan on returning.

 I love the spirit of Saint-Barth.

The Charm of Villa Marie Saint-Barth

So about the most romantic hotel in Saint-Barth – Villa Marie. With 21 unique bungalows and 3 villas, you will experience an intimate retreat without having to worry about any hiccups. Staying at this luxury hotel will raise your standards to all new levels due to the attention to detail and top-notch service. To be honest, we only left our villa once to go walk around downtown Gustavia for lunch and swim in the ocean. Now I’m usually the type of traveler who always likes to go go go and fit in as many activities as possible, rarely spending a lot of time at hotels. However, the beauty of Saint-Barth is that it is a small island, 9.26 square miles to be precise, with a population under 10,000, and there isn’t too much sight seeing to do. You can see everything in a few hours which leaves you the rest of the time to relax, soak it all in, do romantic things, and just live in the moment – leaving you with zero FOMO.

We didn’t feel the need to leave the villa because it was the most perfect setup and truly felt like a home away from home. Not only are the rooms decorated like an extremely well-traveled friend’s house with findings from Paris to India, but the beautiful public spaces are furnished with findings from around the world and custom pieces as well. The interior decor and overall vibe of Villa Marie is the perfect eclectic blend of the bohemian Caribbean and luxurious French Riviera.

We stayed in the Turtle Villa, which in my opinion, is hands down the best. You get a gorgeous view of Flamands beach from your front deck, the interior decor is stunning, and even the bathtub has a view. The attention to detail there was impeccable. From the marble key you get for your villa to the speedy room service to the chef remembering what you ordered the previous day – they could not have outdone themselves.

The Restaurant – Francois Plantation – and Room Service at Villa Marie Saint-Barth

The restaurant and room service at Villa Marie was one of my favorites. We ordered room service every morning for breakfast and dinner for 3 of the 4 nights. The first day we ordered one dish each – omelets – with fresh juice. It was exquisite. So exquisite, that we ordered the entire menu the rest of our trip for breakfast because everything was just that amazing.

Read on below for more stories and photos of the most romantic and chic hotel in Saint-Barth.

Fun fact: the island is St. Barth for locals and St. Bart to English speakers. I like to adapt when I travel so I spell it St. Barth.

villa marie hotel saint barth reviewsvilla marie hotel saint barth reviews  villa marie hotel saint barth reviews          villa marie hotel saint barth reviews
villa marie hotel saint barth reviews

Bohemian-spirited style villas

                                                                                                                                     villa marie hotel st barth reviewsmost romantic hotel in saint barthvilla marie hotel st barthvilla marie hotel st barth room service       villa marie hotel st barth                                      villa marie hotel st barth photosvilla marie saint barthst barth travel blog    villa marie saint barth                               villa marie hotel st barth   villa marie saint barth turtle villatravel blog st barthvilla marie saint barth bathroomvilla marie saint barth     villa marie saint barth                                 francois plantationfrancois plantation

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