I left the US with 1 carry-on and 1 one way ticket to Bali about 2 months ago, but had to cut the trip short to cover Coachella Music Festival (both weekends) in California. So now here I am at my parents house in LA decompressing (errr detoxing) for a couple of weeks. I’ve been living out of a carry-on for the past 2 months and I have found that it is actually the easiest way to live. Traveling light gives you so much more freedom and mobility that you’ll never want to go back to checking luggage. Packing light saves you time getting ready, waiting for your luggage or worrying that it might get lost in transit and also gives you the flexibility to get up and go whenever or wherever you want.IMG_7723

Here are some tips for packing light while staying chic:

  1. Pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes – and pack shoes you don’t care about losing or throwing away because the hikes are not Malibu hikes and you will encounter real mud.
  2. Pack basics that are lightweight and match with almost anything.(Black, white, grey, navy). Make sure your bikinis are basic as well – the last thing you want is a suboptimal tan line.
  3. Ladies, pack dresses – lots of lightweight dresses that are great for day to night transitions. Half of my suitcase was Sulu Collection and it is the BEST. Each dress is handcrafted to be lightweight, airy, luxurious and feminine which make for the perfect travel pieces. Each dress exudes so much class and elegance – I love them all:)
  4. Remember that you can always buy what you need. Essentials are available everywhere. EXCEPT tampons – girls – bring those because third world countries are definitely lagging in that department. Worst.
  5. Spinner bags (luggage with four wheels) rather than shoulder bags. Spinners are incredibly agile, easy to maneuver and can fit so much in them. This will also save your back a lot of pain – trust.  Invest in some lightweight luggage – I love TravelPro because they have multiple compartments – rather obsessed.
  6. Get your laundry done. This is the difference between a tourist and a traveler. You don’t need to pack 60 pairs of undies – use the hotel service or find a laundromat.
  7. Travel size toiletries. Liquids are the heaviest so avoid at all costs.
  8. Also pack clothes that you can throw away because you will probably ruin some while hiking. You will also want to create some extra space to take home the various gems that you find at the local markets.
  9. Buy clothes from locals. The clothes in SE Asia are really unique and it’s great to support the locals who spend their days making these items by hand.
  10. Bring a backpack for everyday use. I took a small leather backpack with me everywhere and it was perfect because it doesn’t take up a lot of space yet fits everything you need for your daily adventures.

That’s it folks – I hope you enjoy your future travels and remember that material objects are replaceable – don’t sweat it.

Travel more. Live more. Love more.

Here is the lookbook I shot for Sulu Collection while traveling throughout SE Asia. Follow them on Instagram here for more.

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