because we all need to care & actively make an effort.⁣⁣

Keep scrolling if you want to learn 5 easy ways to help protect our beautiful Earth 🙂

5 Easy Ways To Protect Our Beautiful Earth5 Easy Ways To Protect Our Beautiful EarthMalibu Photoshoot - Amy Marietta⁣⁣

1. Don’t use plastic straws. This might seem obvious and maybe you’ve heard it a million times, but go online right now and actually buy a metal straw. Yes, metal, because we all know those paper straws suck. The metal ones way more chic and last a lifetime. I bought mine at The Package Free Shop in Brooklyn, but you can also shop online.

⁣⁣Strathberry Bag - Amy Marietta

2. Eat less meat. Don’t eye roll. Listen. The amount of energy that goes into livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint and affects climate change. It contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide which is more than planes, ships, and cars all put together. ⁣Plus, people who eat less meat have a lower risk of heart disease. Facts.

We Are HAH Red Dress - Amy MariettaMalibu Beach Photoshoot Amy Marietta

3. Recycle. Remember in grade school when teachers taught you that recycle song?  RECYCLE. REDUCE. REUSE.⁣⁣

⁣⁣We Are HAH Red Dress - Amy Marietta

4. Shop eco-conscious brands instead of fast-fashion ones, shop vintage stores, Poshmark & also Depop where you can buy from other people.

⁣⁣5 Easy Ways To Protect Our Beautiful Earth

5. Carpool. Carpooling is more fun anyways, so if you can, carpool with friends and coworkers as much as you can. Every little effort makes a difference. 🤘🏼⁣⁣

5 Easy Ways To Protect Our Beautiful Earth

Strathberry Bag - Amy Marietta

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