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IUD Talk: This Is The Best Birth Control Option You Need To Know About!

Frustrated, foggy, bloated, and depressed is what birth control made me feel. I tried multiple different types before finding THE ONE and I want all of you to learn about it so you don’t have to go through what I did.

Getting a copper IUD truly changed my life for the best and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s the only form of birth control that doesn’t affect the rest of your body or hormones.

In this video my sister and I get really personal with our personal birth control experiences and how each one affected us physically and emotionally.



:48 – different types

1:40 – why I hate Nuva Ring

2:20 – the side effects of birth control & Marissa’s experience of being on BC for 10 years, since age 12

3:50 – another option if you’re looking for something to clear up acne

4:33 – mens birth control

5:14 – why I got the copper IUD and story time

6:00 – did it hurt?

6:30 – can they feel it?

6:54 – how do they insert it?

7:13 – how quickly is it effective?

7:34 – how does it work?

7:52 – how long does a copper IUD last?

8:05 – pros & cons of the copper IUD

8:50 – how much does it cost?

9:15 – how long after you remove it can you get pregnant?

10:37 – ending notes & story time

12:00 – how our lives are completely changed now

12:16 – talking to a trusted adult for advice

12:35 – the importance of normalizing talking about sexual health


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IUD Talk: This Is The Best Birth Control Option You Need To Know About!