How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media

A few years ago I started losing my love for fashion and social media because I didn’t see how I was contributing to society in a positive and meaningful way by talking about clothes on my blog and social media platforms. I mean, when you think big picture, it’s crazy, right? That one of the biggest mass production industries in the world, one that can be harmful in many ways, is something that fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers make a living off of? Wearing clothes?! Don’t I have a bigger purpose? WTF are my goals with this? This blog post is about my own discovery and journey on how to make a positive impact through fashion and social media.

How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media - Amy Marietta x Ralph Lauren #PinkPony


There comes a point in your life where you sit down, have an honest conversation with yourself, and ask yourself some real deep questions.

Who am I? What are my values? 

What makes me happy?

Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose?

What does success mean to me?

What am I truly passionate about?

Where do I see myself in the future? Next year? 5 years? 10 years?

How can I make a positive impact on the world?

Asking yourself these questions is healthy. Keeping it real with ourselves is essential to our happiness, personal growth, and honest relationships. By living your truth, you will inspire others to be honest which ultimately makes a difference in the world.

I previously submerged myself so deep into work (corporate and content creating) that I didn’t stop and take a step back to think about the bigger picture. Working was my life and I was solely focused on just making as much money and content as I could, never turning down projects. Turn down for what – right?

But then it all became more of a chore and routine where I felt like I started to lose myself and my own voice.

I began to lose interest in fashion and social media because although I love creating content and expressing myself through what I wear, I was struggling to find a deeper meaning to it all. I wanted to bring more of a meaningful purpose into fashion and social media because at the end of the day, I think that what we do needs to be fulfilling while also being meaningful. More importantly, I want my love for creativity to be beneficial for someone else other than myself, and being able to help make a difference with my ideas and content is the best way to do this.

So I had to ask myself – How can I use this platform to make a positive impact in the world?

How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media


Create high-quality content with a message.

I create because creating something from nothing is what makes me feel most alive and happy. Creating is how I express myself. Creating is what I am passionate about at my core. I’m not saying that all of the content I make is super meaningful to everyone. However, I do promise that I really do try to put more thought into each and every post I share in hopes of inspiring others in one way or another. I try to keep it more authentic, real, and me. Your life is your message to the world, and I want my message to be to live life to the fullest and do whatever makes you happy.

I also expanded my content to be more lifestyle rather than solely fashion, so I cover literally everything that I love whether it’s travel, beauty, skincare, basic bitch quotes, photo editing tips, food, etc. I don’t want to be pigeon holed or labeled as only one thing so I just keep it v me.

Create something bigger than us. Something that will benefit the future.

How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media - Amy Marietta x Ralph Lauren #PinkPony

Talk about important issues on social media. Be vocal. 

Learn how to weave in important topics. Social media is great in that aspect because it allows us to have more open and honest conversations with each other about what is going on in the world. Contribute to the conversation and make each other feel empowered to create change together.

Create a community. 

Use social media and fashion to connect with others who share the same interests. Maybe you’ll meet some lifelong friends along the way.

Support others and brands that are making a difference. 

Share their message on your platforms, leave comments, share your reactions, etc. Just be supportive and help spread the message. Let’s build fam.

I created my own ethical and sustainable brand, A.M. CLUB, and through our website and social media platforms we discuss how our designs donate to important causes I’m passionate about such as children’s after school music programs, saving the elephants from tourism boards, and preventative climate change initiatives.

Do research on more ways to help.

Research brands that you respect and spread the word. Get them trending on Twitter. I’ve learned so much from the internet about ethical and sustainable fashion, fashion brands that give back in some way, and brands that are changing the culture.

Wear clothes that make a difference.

By wearing brands that stand for a good cause, you are wearing a brand you believe in. These items can be great conversation starters IRL too. Like this one.

Change the way you shop. Stop shopping and supporting at fast-fashion stores.

I hope to inspire more people to care about where and how their clothes are made. I want us to start holding large fast-fashion corporations like Zara accountable for their actions. Why should we shop somewhere where the products are made in unsafe working conditions? Why should we shop at places that are severely harming our environment due to the mass production? Miss me with that bullshit.

How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media

This month I’m partnering with Polo Ralph Lauren to help spread awareness about their #PinkPony campaign because cancer is something that has affected almost all of us. Polo is donating 100% of proceeds from sales of this tee to help provide benefit programs for cancer screenings, early treatment, research, and patient navigation.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I hope you become part of the discussion in any way you can. Click here to purchase this tee and learn more about the Pink Pony organization today.

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How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media - Amy Marietta x Ralph Lauren #PinkPony

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Ethical Fashion - How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media - Amy Marietta x Ralph Lauren #PinkPonyHow To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social MediaHow To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media - Amy Marietta

How To Make A Positive Impact Through Fashion And Social Media