Things to do in Milan Summer 2021

Since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic at the start of 2020, global tourism has been a challenge due to worldwide lock downs and travel restrictions. Luckily, countries are starting to open up, thanks to the mass COVID-19 vaccinations around the world. Italy is opening up this summer, and they are allowing American citizens to visit and explore their beautiful cities and enjoy the Italian culture first hand. Milan is a must-visit Italian city full of culture, activities to do, sites to visit and great hotels and resorts that will leave you refreshed and reenergized. Here are some places to visit and things to do.

The fashion district

If you have a thing for fashion, then this is a must-visit place! The fashion district boasts famous and luxury labels and boutiques, like Armani, Versace, Prada. The seemingly endless fashion district is home to over 500 shops representing fashions finest and most accessible. It’s also worth noting that some of the most beautiful jewelry and watches can be found in Milan. For example, you can shop at Pisa Orologeria the Rolex store in Milan, and gander at their amazing jewelry and luxury watch collections. In Milan, you’ll find once-in-a-lifetime pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world.

things to do in milan

Go for an Aperitivo along Navigli

If you want to experience the nightlife in Milan, then the place to be is in Navigli. The area is vibrant and charming, with several bars where you can enjoy drinks and enjoy good food. The area is divided by two canals, making it a beautiful place for relaxing and enjoying the nightlife outside. Rita bar, which is known for great cocktails, is also located along the Navigli canal. You can enjoy an Aperitivo and some well-mixed cocktails, undoubtably one of the chicest place to be with many of the young and talented Milanese people.

Dive into Milanese food like Risotto alla Milanese

When it comes to food, the Milanese cuisines are something to look forward to eating. Some of the most popular Milanese cuisines are the Risotto alla Milanese, pan-fried Milanese Risotto, Milanese style veal cutlets ossobuco, stewed veal shanks in meat sauce, Cassoeula among others. Milan is famous for their hard-working culture, so these dishes are meant to provide extra protein so one can keep working, than heavier plates of pasta that may require a nap after devouring.

Discover all of the city’s churches with different architectural styles

Religion, especially the church, was once a quintessential part of Milanese life. The city has several historic churches with unique Italian architecture. If you are into history and exploration, exploring the churches is one thing you can enjoy while in Milan. Some churches to visit and learn about their different architecture include the Duomo di Milano (the third-largest religious structure in Europe), Santa Maria Presso San Satiro, Basilica of San Lorenzo and many more.

Milan is a vibrant city in terms of cultural diversity, fashion and many other things. Since Italy is accepting American visitors this summer, you can visit the city to enjoy all the above attractions and many more. It does not matter if you like city life or not because there are numerous attractions and fun activities for everyone.