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I’ve always been a big OCD planner. I love itineraries, to do lists, Excel sheets, and post-its. I got it from my mama.

So when planning our Caribbean trip that we’re currently on, I used many tools and tips to help plan the perfect experience. You can see daily updates on our journey as we island hop the Caribbean in 30 days on Instagram –  @amy_marietta and @joe_hodges.

Here, below are my top travel tips that helped me put together the ultimate island hopping itinerary which I will share with you soon.

Comment and share your favorite below:)  xx



Trip Advisor

I cannot stress the importance of reviews. After a couple bad decisions previously when booking hotels, I’ve started avidly using Trip Advisor to thoroughly get a vibe for what the hotel or restaurant is going to be like.



This is my favorite website and app that I ALWAYS use when booking flights. You always get the best deals and can also set up notifications to notify you on specific flights you’d like to keep an eye on to see if they fluctuate in prices or if more flights become available.

Hotel Tonight

In case you need a last minute hotel somewhere, Hotel Tonight is one of my favorite apps and has made my life easier many times.

XE Currency Converter

It’s always great to know how much your spending, especially in countries that you may not be familiar with their currency. This has saved me many times.


I recently found this website and LOVE it. It’s specifically great for island hopping in the Caribbean. You enter your starting point and destination, then the website finds the various ways from point A to point B and shows instructions and prices.



If you don’t own a car then you should check out Turo. It’s an app where you can rent someone’s car in thousands of cities. It’s like an AirBnB, but for cars. There’s so many cool cars on there ranging from antiques to sports cars to mini vans if you’re into that.


VL Pure Skincare

The best skincare that I recently discovered. I especially love their sunscreen which has been great for my sensitive skin. They also have many more products – including the face wash – which I highly recommend.


Swimwear from the holiday swimwear shop at simplybe.co.uk. You’re most likely going to be documenting your travels, so you gotta make sure to pack a few different swimwear options! What I particularly like about this retailer is the fact that they seem to cater to everyone with a big range of styles, sizes, and colors.

Moda Operandi

Another great website to shop resort wear pieces. Love the selection on here.



Learning how to meditate and turn off your phone is a skill we should all learn to better ourselves mentally and spiritually. (#guilty) Some apps to help here.