How to Travel Sustainably In Crete

There’s no doubt we’re all looking forward to being able to travel again. Crete is an ideal destination for this – the scenery is beautiful, the weather is warm, with sunny swimming weather lasting from May to October, and there’s plenty of history and culture to explore.

But how can you enjoy your time in Crete with minimal impact on the planet? Follow this advice for a more sustainable trip.

Choose your accommodation carefully

There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a place to stay:

  • Does the house or hotel use renewable energy like solar panels or wind turbines?
  • Is it locally run?
  • Has it been built using traditional practices or materials?

You may not usually consider these kinds of questions when traveling abroad, but even small considerations like these can help you travel more sustainably.

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Don’t hire a car

Crete might be Greece’s biggest island, but it’s easy to travel on foot. You’ll be able to appreciate all the views that much more. From olive and orange groves to cypress forests and gorges, there’s plenty to see and admire. And if you need to go a little further afield, you can hire a bicycle or use Crete’s fantastic public transport system. The bus service is regular, reliable, and far better for the planet than individual car journeys. It will likely be the less expensive option, too, meaning you have more money to spend on enjoying your holiday.

Support local businesses

Independent, local stores and businesses need all the help they can get at the moment. By giving them your money instead of the big names, you’re directly helping the owners and their employees make a living and boosting the local economy. Local stores are more likely to sell products made in the area, too, which means they have a much smaller carbon footprint than imported goods.

Reuse what you can

Forget single-use products, and bring a few handy reusable items instead. A water bottle, a coffee cup and a set of cutlery will serve you well when you’re having drinks or food on the go, and will save on waste. That delicious Greek food will taste even better when you’re doing your bit to keep Crete clean.

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Dispose of your rubbish responsibly

Sometimes you need to throw something away because there aren’t any other options. Most areas around the island provide recycling bins, so this should be easy. If there’s no bin available, collect your rubbish and take it back to your accommodation, where you can make sure it’s disposed of properly.

It might take a little research and preparation before you go, but it’s worth it to make your trip more sustainable. Knowing that you’re doing your best to minimise your waste and carbon footprint will help you to enjoy your holiday – and by supporting local businesses, you’ll be giving back to the local community and helping it thrive for years to come.