Saint Barth style <3

You know when you feel like a place is going to be absolutely amazing, yet somehow it exceeds all expectations? That is what my first time in Saint-Barth felt like. If you want to read about where to stay in Saint-Barth, read my last post here.

Saint-Barth has style. Saint-Barth has class. Time to pack up that cute lil’ ass.

When packing for trips, I like to do some research and prepare accordingly. For example, if I’m headed into a humid environment, I’m getting a Brazilian blowout to maintain this Italian af mane, packing a plethora of hair-ties, swimsuits, bug spray, flowy dresses, open-toe shoes, and definitely leaving all long sleeves and coats at home. I aim to sensibly narrow down items to save some space for any purchases I make while traveling. And to be real, it’s pretty difficult to pack everything in a carry-on when I’m traveling with a drone, cameras, AND outfits. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Somehow just make it work, right?


SO. I’m sharing with you what I wore in Saint-Barth and hope it makes it easier and inspires you for when you’re packing for your next trip.

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Here are 4 outfits I wore in Saint-Barth below.


Look 1: The White Monochromatic

A perfect outfit for day to night. Accessorize with a hat. Throw on some white Purcells. Good to go.

Saint Barth style <3 Travel Blog

Saint Barth style <3All White Vacation LookWhat To Wear In Saint-Barth

Look 2: A One Piece Swimmie

You always want to pack one of these for vacation because they can work as a top or swimsuit. You’ll be prepared for all adventures you come across in Saint-Barth. Accessorize with silk scarves – they always come in handy when your hair needs to be tamed.

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Look 3: Butterfly Beach Chic

This look was perfect for dinner at Francois Plantation. It’s casual, yet chic and comfortable. Realistically, you can wear this look day to night. PS. notice I wore the same shoes for 2 outfits. Carry-on packing at it’s finest;) 

What To Wear In Saint-Barth At NightWhat To Wear In Saint-Barth At NightWhat To Wear In Saint-Barth At NightWhat To Wear In Saint-Barth At NightSaint-Barth Night OutfitSaint-Barth Chic Night OutfitSaint-Barth Night Outfit - Villa Marie

Look 4: Trop Rouge – Spicy Night Out

Do you ever get all dressed up, drink some wine with your lover, and then decide to order room service? Same. 

But in all reality, this pretty little jumpsuit is perfect for date night, a night on the town, and just good to have for any events you may have planned on your trip. Always pack at least 1 jumpsuit or dress that is easy to throw on – they take up the least space and are always fire. #spiceupyolife

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