Get ready for your tropical vacation in less than an hour.

As a person who’s been obsessed with Post-its, to-do lists, itineraries and calendars, yet craves spontaneous adventures and travel – I found that the ultimate travel packing list like this would be really useful.

Truth be told, I travel quite a bit. And people are always shocked when they find that I typically only pack a carry on. But let me tell you – I used to be a REALLY bad packer. Like my suitcase weighed over 60 pounds every time bad packer. Like my dad would make me weigh my suitcase before going to the airport bad packer. It was a problem. BUT after having to pack and move often, I’ve learned what items are necessary for a trip, and which I can do without. Here are some quick tips below, as well as items that I suggest for a quick, spontaneous island trip or any island trip really. Because a getaway/adventure/life in general is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. So go enjoy and comment your recommendations below.

Quick tips:
  • Don’t take so many shoes. Shoes take up SO much space and weigh the most. I recommend no more than 3 pairs.
  • Plan out your outfits ahead of time.
  • Pack basics that can be worn many different ways so you’re not really repeating outfits, just spicing them up.
  • Certain accessories are great because they can really make an outfit. I obviously always go for scarves – duh.        A.M. Club
  • Avoid checking bags.
  • Global Entry is a MUST. I cannot stress how useful this has been for me. Saves me at least 45 minutes every time.



  1. Essential electronics including your laptop, phone and headphones
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Swimsuit
  4. Summer Dress and rompers
  5. Silk Scarf
  6. Sandals
  7. Straw Bag
  8. Straw Hat
  9. Sunscreen, skincare, and bug repellant – but honestly you can buy these at almost any hotel. I love VL Pure Skincare products.
  10. Spice it up by customizing or even creating some of your own pieces. A website with a great variation of luxury fabrics, trimmings, and buttons. You can shop some beautiful fabrics on Tissura which has a selection of dreamy fabrics that you can use to create some elegant and unique pieces.
  11. Instax camera to capture the memories in a unique way. We all take a plethora of photos on our cameras and iPhone’s but hardly ever print them. An Instax camera takes care of that issue instantly and is one of my favorite retro comebacks:)
  12. A good read whether that’s a book, magazine or e-book.