I am in love with this Heidi Klein swimmie and this Coordinates Collection bracelet. You can customize your bracelet by engraving whichever coordinates mean the most to you. I had my new address in the West Village engraved on mine because it symbolizes fresh, new beginnings for me. Then on the inside I had engraved “Always stay inspired” which is a nice, little daily reminder. These make really great gifts as well and are amazing quality. LOVE.

Vegas loves their pool parties.

I like tanning with some watermelon juice and this River Island kimono. Thanks Rihanna! xx

Cirque du soleil – best show in Vegas. I would definitely see it again.

Details at the Bellagio.

UM best sugar fix spot in Vegas. This gem in the Bellagio has macaroons, Nutella crepes AND espresso. And yes I tried them all.

Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan. Best bar in the state. I didn’t want to leave, I felt like a princess in her castle. Yes, ’twas that ornate and jaw dropping.

If you like sushi and sake then you will love Yellowtail at the Bellagio.

Vegas baby! Sin city. What happens in Vegas used to stay in Vegas, but then Social Media took over the world and every photo will eventually leak. That’s what I’m here for! JK jk I don’t document EVERYTHING, just the finer, pretty things.

So I went into Vegas not expecting much; I figured it would be rather trashy and I would be repulsed by the tacky dresses and fratty boys. I was very wrong and very right at the same time. Although yes it was even trashier than Miami, I had the time of my life and the parties were UNREAL. I, like most 22 year olds, have done my fair share of partying-but Vegas was another level of insanity. Every major DJ was there and every club had the best music. I loved how big the clubs were too and the energy was just beyond amazing. Honestly, I might make a second trip out there this Summer…

And not be be a brat (but to be a brat) if our group of friends didn’t have tables I probably wouldn’t have had such an amazing time because you have to deal with people bumping into you and drunk guys hitting on you etc. etc. So if you go to Vegas, get a table so you can fully just let loose and rage. Vegas is the type of place you go to with a big group of friends anyways because you do not want to be a small group of girls wandering around. Not that it isn’t safe; it just isn’t safe.

So where do I suggest you go out? Well my favorite was Light at Mandalay Bay. Krewella was djing there and it was the most memorable night of my year. The second night we all went to see Major Lazer at Encore which was also a cool place but I still liked Light much more.

So there you have it folks. Party on. WOOHOO.

Inspiration of the day:

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

— Napoleon Hill

 Song of the day: “Party Rock” by LMFAO

Remember this song?!!! Everybody just have a good time and shake that!