Label Tips for Cosmetics and Beauty Products

The beauty industry is attractive in both the literal and the figurative sense. For startups and growing businesses, the sheer size and profit margins of the industry are alluring. And those selling to customers who want to look and feel good, your packaging has to be attractive and stand out on a crowded shelf. Here are a few label tips for cosmetics and beauty products.

Know Your Customer

Know your customer before you design the packaging. Are you offering something for anyone with a given skin condition or intended to sell it specifically to older women? The profile of the perfect customer will affect everything from the right buzz words to include in your marketing to the images you’d include on the package. This is as important as your brand’s personality.

It can be hard to balance the image of an edgy brand that mostly sells to young adults with an anti-aging serum. That’s why a cosmetics manufacturer often has several lines, each aimed at a different demographic and with its own brand identity.

Be very careful about changing your branding once it is established. For example, changing the color scheme of your packaging could cause it to the lost in the crowd. And replacing a classic brand logo with the minimalist wire diagrams that have become popular could turn off your loyal customers. Don’t give up your custom font, if you have one, though you can change its size and location on the package.

Know the Relevant Rules

Packaging is essential for cosmetic and beauty products, whether you’re packaging homemade beauty products like soap or running a small firm outsourcing manufacturing of cosmetics. And there are a number of rules you have to abide by. One of the universal ones is that you must list all of the ingredients in your product. This allows those who are ethically opposed to an ingredient to avoid it. More importantly, it ensures that people who are allergic to something don’t buy it and cover their face in it.

Don’t Forget the Basics

How much product is in the container? A large container may only contain a few ounces of cream. Make it clear so that people don’t feel ripped off. Furthermore, the packaging should identify exactly what they’re getting, whether it is an anti-aging serum or vitamin.

Don’t leave out the instructions. For example, it is easy to confuse an oat-based cream applied after the bath or oatmeal-based skin treatment added to the bath water. Few things will frustrate the customer more than wasting an expensive beauty product because the instructions were unclear. If there are warnings or restrictions on its use, this must be prominent on the label.

Don’t Make the Packaging Too Busy

When you’re ordering customer printed stickers for your cosmetic and beauty products, don’t make it too “busy”. You must include the brand name, the product, and the ingredients. Many companies have a brand logo they want to include on the product.

Beyond that, less is more. What categories does the product fall into? Only include the absolutely essential key words like “vegan”, “all-natural” or “milk-based”. For example, some of your customers will only buy items that are ethically sourced, organic, vegan or non-GMO. Others will give preference to such products.

Note that you can add separate stickers to identity items that are on sale in your shop or brand new. However, your branding should not depend on stickers added to the main package, because you lose it the moment someone takes them off.