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      Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments      Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments

Hello hello everybody and happy holidays! I’m beyond grateful and excited to be a Johnnie Walker brand ambassador for the next 10 months! During this partnership, I’ll be toasting to special milestones in my life and marking them on the bottle as I go. You can follow along my journey and share my Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments on my Instagram @amy_marietta.

My first milestone moments that I toasted to were 1. Hosting my first Friendsgiving and 2. Finally creating new video content! I’ve been putting off creating video content for years out of fear of not being good enough at it, but I finally did it. I’ve finally started exploring and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I have a long way to go, but in the meantime you can see some of my new videos on my Youtube here.  I know the quality may not be the best yet, but the only way to get better is by practicing.:) I have a lot of new and exciting projects I’m working on now and genuinely appreciate all of your support. <3

Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments

Anyways, I’m extremely elated about this Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments partnership because I’ve always loved Johnnie Walker. So much that I used to steal my dad’s stash (sorry dad!) whenever I’d go home to visit. Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments are something I am so excited to share with you on this journey. This partnership has inspired me to think bigger picture with my goals which I am truly grateful for. I feel more present, passionate, and driven than ever and cannot wait to achieve more milestone moments with you. In the meantime, you guys should all join me and start marking your milestone moments on your bottles by purchasing here. Let’s do big things together:) Cheers!


Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments

   Johnnie Walker #BlueLabel Moments