11 Of The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop Now

It’s so important to do our part & make an effort to live a more sustainable life which is why I’ve put together a list of the best sustainable fashion brands. Supporting the fast fashion industry is extremely harmful to our planet. It’s time to shop the alternatives. So here are 11 of the best sustainable brands to shop right now.

11 Of The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop Now


BOYISH is one of my favorite jean brands because of the quality and cuts. They’re super sustainable in many ways including the following. BOYISH uses plant based dyes instead of hazardous synthetic dyes which also reduces the toxins you put on your skin. This also protects water, keeping it safe for people and the environment. You can read more about their sustainable fabrics on their site here. 


RE/DONE jeans are a celebration of the Levi’s jean’s past and a continuation of the jean’s individual story. We take the vintage denim apart at the seams, repurposing it as the fabric of our new jeans. Re/Done launched with one mid-rise modern skinny fit, and one irreverent, perfectly slouchy, borrowed-from-the-boys relaxed fit and have since added a perfect belly-button skimming high-rise cut. We are proud to manufacture our jeans in Downtown Los Angeles using water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals. Quantities will always be limited since each pair is handpicked, hand cut, and distinctly one of a kind.

RE/DONE is committing to giving our customers the completely unique experience of self-curating their vintage denim purchase. The pair you select on our website is the pair that you will receive at your doorstep. We simplify the tedious process of searching for hours or days to find the perfect looking vintage jeans, then having to find a “denim” tailor to modernize the fit, yet give you that same personalized experience, ultimately taking individuality a step further than anyone else.” – from their website


A.M. CLUB is an ethical & sustainable silk scarf brand that I created 4 years ago before eco-friendly was popular but I’m so happy it is now! After working in fashion and seeing the negative impacts it can have on the planet & people, I wanted to create a brand that had a message. You can learn more about us & shop our sustainable scarves here.


For the sustainable fashionista, Reformation offers on-trend pieces that will still be stylish long after the season is over. This Los Angeles-based brand creates products only from sustainable and upcycled materials in a fair wage environment. Reformation’s dedication to sustainable production is extensively explained on its website in its signature bold and unabashed style. Additionally, each item comes with a description of its environmental footprint. So cool.


Patagonia quality is truly *chefs kiss*. was one of the earliest defenders of environmental ethics in the activewear fashion industry. They were also one of the first adopters of using recycled materials and switching to organic cotton. Patagonia is expanding its commitment to labor ethics and works with US factories as often as it can.


Not only is this website full of eco-friendly items like reusable shopping bags and masks, but they also are a woman owned business! Shop their reusable bags here and masks here.


LACAUSA has beautiful pieces but I especially loves their tanks, slips, and unique jackets. “We are is redefining basics, blending romantic silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist. Influenced by boundless landscapes, we bring you effortless California chic without sacrificing the hand that feeds us. Fabrics are sourced and sewn with trusted partners with the highest standards in mind, and always under ethical conditions.” – from their website. Read more about their cause & commitment here.

Whimsy & Row

Whimsy & Row displays on their website how many miles of driving emissions they’ve avoided, the amount of energy saved, water saved, and waste diverted from landfills. They have really cute staple style pieces on their site that are good for all seasons.


KOTN is a unisex brand. “Quality essentials, ethically made from authentic Egyptian cotton. At Kotn, we make every one of our fabrics from scratch, working directly with each step of the supply chain from farm to mill, to dyehouse, and cut and sew. Once our cotton is picked, the raw fibres are spun into yarns and then knitted or woven into sheets of material, each using a different thread weight and pattern to create its unique makeup.” KOTN is very transparent about how, where, and by who their clothes are made which is so important.


ESNTLS is a new menswear line that takes fabric technology & quality fit seriously. I like to get my oversized tees from them because the fit is just so perfect which is hard to find with tees. ESNTLS uses high quality & sustainable fabrics like bamboo and hemp cotton, so these shirts will last for years.


Pangaia is a new brand that all the it girls are wearing. Their branding is impeccable and their mission is even better. “The range uses bio-based, recycled fibres and materials made from recycled plastic bottles. We combine natural botanical dyes made from natural sources such as plants, with innovative antibacterial peppermint to stay fresh for longer. We also use NFC technology for complete supply chain transparency.
With PANGAIA you can make sustainable choices without compromising on style.”

PANGAIA meaning and inspiration

pan | pæn — gaia | gīə

Pan: all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion

Gaia: Mother Earth

Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

Comment your favorite sustainable fashion brands below and share this to spread more awareness on the topic! I hope this inspired you to shop more eco-friendly, especially with the holidays coming up:)

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