7 Reasons To Stay At The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort

The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa doubles as a Wildlife Sanctuary where they home flamingos and macaws. So cool, right?! The flamingos were definitely the highlight for me because I’m a big animal lover, but there are many other reasons to visit this resort. Read on below as I share 7 reasons to stay at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort.

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1. The flamingos

Flamingos in Palm Springs?! Yes. The JW Marriott Desert Springs is home to over 30 flamingos who roam freely around the property. These flamingos breed here and are taken care of by experts who monitor them and make sure they stay safe.
Flamingos In Palm Springs               

2. The grounds

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa boasts a beautiful view of the mountains, two large golf courses, tennis courts, vast & verdant green grounds, lakes, and multiple pools. The resort also gives you the option to take a ride in one of their gondolas around the property for a tour.

3. The location

The desert will always be one of my favorite destinations, especially Palm Springs. The great thing about this resort is that it’s so close to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. You have the option to enjoy the resort all day, or venture out into other areas close by.

JW Marriott Desert Springs

4. The service

The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort is a well-run, service-oriented convention resort. The staff is very friendly and always around to assist with anything you need:)

JW Marriott Desert SpringsJW Marriott Desert Springs

5. The pools

There are 5 pools are this resort, plus a private lagoon.

JW Marriott Desert Springs

6. The spa

If your sig other loves to golf all day, I suggest you enjoy the spa all day:) The spa offers many treatments including body wraps, scrubs, massages, facials, nail care, and more.


7. The spacious rooms

We enjoyed a suite which had an area for us to work and chill. I loved the huge walk-in closet, newly renovated bathroom, and our two balconies overlooking the vibrant mountains. The unique woven wood headboards and patterned rugs give off a warm and cozy, yet modern vibe.
JW Marriott Desert Springs

JW Marriott Desert Springs                           JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort


7 Reasons To Stay At The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort