All silk scarves are A.M. Silk outfits by GRANA/ Photos by @joe_hodges, @micaelacarabin, and yours truly.

I love Los Angeles.

Not just because it is home here in sunny California, but there is truly no other place like it.

I love the promise of palm trees and warm weather. I love the history behind each and every landmark, hotel suite, and street corner. I love the unholy mix of grit and glamour.

                                                                LA is both a dream and dream deferred.

chateau marmont

The sunrises, sunsets, and golden hours in between, mixed with the LA culture, are what make Los Angeles one of the happiest, yet most dramatic, places on Earth. LA is a relentless natural beauty.

a.m. club chateau marmont view

The fact that Chateau Marmont is modeled after a castle says it all. It’s one of the most romantic, history-rich landmarks in LA. The privacy and security, sound proof walls, old world charm and view are unmatched. Did you know it used to be an apartment building? Like yes, I live in that Chateau Marmont, the castle off Sunset. Oh, cool.

This past weekend one of my really good friends – Mica – came into town with her boyfriend Jamie, so we all spent most of Friday-Sunday frolicking around the hotel spending some quality time together. Although Chateau has a rep to be a bit on the pretentious side – which yes, it can be – it is French, mind you – it is still one of my favorite places to enjoy some wine, lounge by the pool, watch the sunset, and party after hours. The memories you make at Chateau Marmont are priceless.

Chateau makes you feel like you have traveled back in time or teleported to Europe real quick, and time just seems to go slower so that you can fully enjoy each and every moment and clear your mind.

climbing the fire escape at chateau marmont

 One of my favorite things about Chateau is that they really do protect the privacy of their guests. This is what attracts every celebrity and their affairs to this hotel. I’ve legitimately never been to Chateau and not run into a celeb now that I think about it. (They would really have the best @overheardLA contributions though… Right?!)

So as much as I respect their privacy policy – because I do think everyone should be able to live their life without having to worry about people taking photos or tweeting about them – I do have a story to share with you. But mind you, it’s fair because it was in the hotel room and it also has a good message… You can read at the bottom of the post because I think these photos of our adventures at Chateau are more important. Enjoy and follow along on Instagram for daily updates: @amy_marietta 🙂

chateau marmont couple amy joey

LA can also be one of the loneliest places in the world… But it only takes one person to change your universe.

harley davidson chateau marmonta.m. club chateau marmont x micaa.m. club chateau marmont x micaview from chateau marmontamy joeychateau marmont penthousechateau marmont hotelchateau marmont hotel room service
most romantic hotel in lalove chateau marmonta.m. cluba.m. club chateau marmont x micachateau marmont photoshoot poolchateau marmont photoshoot poolchateau marmont poolam club amychateau marmont photoshoot a.m. clubchateau marmont photoshoot a.m. club mica bungalowchateau marmont hotel loungechateau marmont hotel bar lobbyview of la from chateau marmontbest views of los angeles a.m. club silkbest views of los angeles a.m. club silkjoe hodgesamy mariettabest views of los angeles a.m. club silkbest views of los angeles a.m. club silk

view of la from chateau marmont

Ok. So. Chloe Moretz came to the penthouse the first night right? We didn’t invite her, she was with Jamie’s friends that came. Her friend asks that everyone leave because Chloe is just that big of a deal and can’t be around “these types of people.”

I’m sorry, what? Come again? You want Mica and Jamie to kick out their friends in their penthouse that they paid for so that Chloe can feel comfortable? Chill on the shrooms homegirl and come back to reality.

Mica’s response:

“Um, yeah well Brittany’s parents made ‘Ben-Hur’ so you can stop.”


I’m not one to write about gossip but this was one of the rudest and most ignorant experiences I’ve had in LA. Regardless of who you are or what you do – we are all human. Either way, Britt and I actually grew up in LA and went to school with Will Smith’s, Wayne Gretzy’s, and Lionel Richie’s kids and go on film sets and tour with “celebs”. It’s LA and we’re chill. We were raised for this shit so no, we’re not socially retarded when it comes to these situations. Girl, bye. You just showed how ignorant and rude you were raised. And Chloe, she’s not a good look for you, girl. Pick your entourage wisely.

I feel like I should sign off on this “xoxo Gossip Girl” but I’ll hold back.

Keep it real.