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The Best Alarm Clock Songs To Wake Up To In The A.M.

You set the tone for your day the moment you wake up so it is crucial to make these moments as enjoyable and uplifting as possible. After years of trying to find the perfect wake up song to set for my phone alarm, I’ve come to the realization that you should really switch it up every few months. Routines are great, but when it comes to sound, switching up the vibe can really help you get your day started with a fresh mind. Below I am going to share with you the best alarm clock songs to wake up to in the A.M. Let’s get to it.

From motivational tunes about making that money with strong beats and build ups to feel-good, infectious classic tunes, I’ve included the songs that have helped me get my butt out of bed and excited for the day ahead.

***A useful tip for helping you get out of bed the first time your lovely alarm commences, is to put your phone somewhere out of arms reach before you go to bed. That way you will physically get out of bed and not be as tempted to hit snooze and stay in bed for 5, 15, or 60 more minutes.

So for those of you who don’t have an internal body clock to wake you up, and are sick of the blaring honk honk honk alarm that the iPhone suggests, here is a list of the top wake up songs to get your day started with a smile.

Wishing you a plethora of good A.M.’s!

Share the wealth and comment your favorite wake up songs below:)

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The Best Alarm Clock Songs To Wake Up To In The A.M.