So this was a dece experience. And by dece I mean the best concert I have been to in my entire lifetime. Kanye West has been one of my favorites since The College Dropout album. People can say he’s crazy and controversial for having the fake Jesus coming out on stage but at the end of the day he is an artist and arguably one of the most talented and successful in the hip-hop/rap game. Actually no that is not arguable, more so a fact. And being so close to him and being able to look him in the eye to see how passionate he is about performing was so inspiring to me. I love what I do and it is amazing to see others loving what they do with everything they have. He inspires millions of people which at the end of the day is pretty awesome. I mean just watch this short video I took to get an idea of the energy he brings…

I know right? Amazing.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these Margiela masks? I should have been Kanye for Halloween dammit. These masks are so different but so beautiful. The styling throughout the whole show was perfection which he claims he does himself and I actually believe him. He kills it.

Go be inspiring.