Jacket: Nanette Lepore; Skirt: Gentlefawn; Shades: Shauns; Watch: Daniel Wellington; Scarf: Suguru

Photos by Andi Elloway and I 


Jaguar had a group of women influencers come out to the Monticello Motor Club to test drive their performance cars and complete the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy Level 1 Course. Best day of my life? Yes. Definitely. I decided I’m over fashion guys – it’s all about driving fast Jaguars in Monticello now. I literally dreamt about driving last night – literally. Well done Jaguar, well done.

I need a F Type like yesterday – they have 500 HP, incredible acceleration, braking and handling so you feel safe while going 142 MPH… It’s brilliant. I once got a speeding ticket when I lived in California for going twice the speed limit – 120 MPH – and had my license taken away for 6 months but CLEARLY I am a highly qualified driver and can handle my shit. Come on guys. (Just kidding I’ll never speed on the road again Dad. Swear.)

We all had the best day and cannot wait to go back to burn some more rubber and be speed demons. Level 2 soon ladies?

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Inspiration of the day:

“You know how sometimes, your life is so perfect you’re afraid for the next moment, because it couldn’t possibly be quite as good? That’s what it felt like.” 

-Jodi Picoult

“I’m one of these people that likes adrenaline and new things, like extreme sports. It makes me feel alive.”

-Gisele Bundchen

I’ve come to terms that I am indeed an adrenaline junkie and have no fear but I’m okay with it. I love exhilarating and new experiences and this was one of them. Next extreme experience – skydiving. Leggo.

Song of the day: “Somewhere Else Tonight” by Mansions on the Moon