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Estelle and I. We’re pretty much homegirls now. Sister from another mister. You get the idea.

And then Francesca and I. Francesca is my boss over in Italy and I cannot wait to see her again in February during fashion week! She is the best Italian boss eva. Loved showing you around NYC and I promise to practice my Italian before I arrive in Milan:)

The Moschino X Disaronno party in New York was pure perfection. It was one of those parties that you actually wish it wasn’t ending. So many fun and cool people partying in one place including homegirls Estelle, Jenny McCarthy, Shea Marie, Christina Caradona and The Dolls who blew me away with their performance. I have “Summer of ’93” on repeat and on every Spotify list. Listen below, it’s magical.

And how precious are the baby Moschino X Disaronno bottles?! I want them all. I actually started my Disaronno bottle collection and will continue to collect them as the new special editions come out. Needless to say I have all of my friends drinking Disaronno now. #lifechanger


Song of the day: “Summer of ’93” by The Dolls