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Jacket and top: Motel Rocks/Pants: McGinn Collection/Necklace: Love + Leather/Bracelets: Hermes/Clutch: Lancaster Paris/Sunglasses: Silvano

Photos by Larsen Sotelo

 Just arrived in California a couple days ago and already saw most of my fraaands in the bu. (That’s Malibu for those who don’t know…). I am so happy to be back for a couple weeks you have no idea. On Monday my bestie Brit and I walked down to the beach from her casa and thoroughly enjoyed some breakfast and Bloody Marys amongst an array of other drinks at Paradise Cove. Did you know their Bloody Marys are world famous? Well they make such claims but honestly it was the best I had ever had so I am not going to dispute. Another amazing drink there is the Watermelon Daiquiri… It comes in a watermelon…Nuff said. Then we laid out on the beds you can rent there, enjoyed the sunshine for a bit, popped some baby champagne bottles and then met up with some friends to tan and chill by Will’s pool. It was literally a perfect day. (And ps we are not alcoholics, this was partially celebrating Brit’s 21st birthday and life in general, or we can call it a staycation.)

But back to fashion. I shot these photos with the amazing Larsen Sotelo in Santa Monica and it was very Gwen Stefani mixed with Cara Delevingne inspired. The sheer metallic crop top by Motel Rocks mixed with the chic baggy pants from McGinn Collection and then I topped off the look with this awesome jacket. Oh and the silver chains…I love these chains. And my bangles, I don’t hate those either. I would say I am definitely going through a silver phase? Never thought I would say that but I am really into it right now.


Viviere Bella

Song of the day'”Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani