But first – another outfit;)





Top: New Friends Colony; Sunnies: Shauns California; Shoes: Elliott Lucca

Photos by Jinna Yang

Obsessed with this top – way too fun to twirl around in;)


Cruises strengthen your friendship or relationship because you have a SERIOUS lack of cell phone service and spend every moment together. Jinna girl – youza beautiful soul. 





You always feel like dancing away the day and night because well… you’re on a boat my dude.


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You have the freedom and privacy to tan as you please on your balcony. Team no tan lines. 

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Breakfast looks like this.

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 If you work in Social Media you can take photos for your clients?

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FREEDOM. Idk it was a cool artsy pic.


You can straight up CHILL.


You can visit multiple places on one trip.



 You don’t have to relocate hotel rooms or lug around your luggage. 

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Champagne campaign.




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 All day erryday.

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You get to watch sunrises like this one.


 And sunsets like this one.


It’s extremely convenient to plan your adventures and  you have the freedom to plan your own agenda.  You can be as busy as you want or as laid back as you want. 


 You have the sea to yourself, basically.


 I mean.


No fucks are given. Carefree baby.


You will breathe in the freshest air, make new awesome friends and have some necessary YOU time. You deserve it. Go get ’em.

Inspiration of the day:

“I’ve found – That friendship is highly UNDERrated. We have thousands of songs about love, romance, and physical intimacy, yet we as society lack emphasis on fostering great friendships.”

-Demario Jackson

How true is this though? I would literally do anything for my friends and I hope you guys would do the same. Be nice, kind, giving and spread the love – not your legs. xx

My friend Demario writes these amazing, inspirational and full of wisdom pieces every week and sends it out as a newsletter every Sunday night to his tens of thousands of readers. I truly love and enjoy reading these either Sunday night before bed or Monday morning on my way to work – really gets me focused on why I’m doing what I’m doing and where I want to be short term and long term. I highly recommend if you don’t have any inspirational reading you are consuming now – do so – it’ll change you temporary mood and overall outlook on life. #gamechanger

Demario lived in the same building as I did in LA and I met him at one of our rooftop parties I think? #goodtimes Only in LA do they have wine and hookah night every night on your rooftop. New York – step up your sexy game – I kinda miss that shit. But hey shoutout to the 1010 Wilshire days – those were really fun aaaand that’s about it. Cheers to our accomplishments. So yes – his writing is so relevant and real to our generation and I love so many of the points he makes – they really hit home for me. I haven’t seen him in literally years but he’s an awesome person whom I admire for keeping it real, relevant and inspirational.

Ps. His music taste is bomb. You go Demo.


Email him here and say hi or ask him to send you his weekly emails here: You’re welcome.