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Shirt: Dope Couture /Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware

Photos by Neave Bozorgi (Sir_Neave on Instagram)

I was wearing really short black shorts under there I swear. This is LA, anything goes. Neave and I shot these photos downtown out on a fire escape and I think that they capture the true essence of downtown LA. I used to live close by to here a couple years ago and it was definitely a more laid back time in my life. My schedule was relatively similar each day-gym, sauna or spa, tan on my roof or beach it, shop and occasionally party. It gets boring really quickly though to be honest which is what made me want to travel more often and make the move to New York, away from everything familiar. So I did and I love both cities in different ways, equally. People always ask me which I love more but you really cannot compare the two. I could literally write a book explaining the comparison. Being bicoastal is the best way to live. When the Hyperloop system Elon Musk is working on is actually created, I will be the happiest human being. Read the article here. This technology blows my mind.

Anyways, this clothing brand DOPE COUTURE is a street wear brand  based in LA so I think the look and location are cohesive. Agreed? Well let me make this a little more cohesive for you with the song below. Yeah, how about them apples.

I have a secret I’m going to share with you guys…I love Tyga’s music. I know how typical for a LA chick. I got to meet him at a random BET Awards after party last Summer and I think it made me like him even more. Tyga=swaggy. Period.

Song of the day-“Dope” by Tyga featuring Rick Ross