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The whole crew! Love you guys.

All photos by Zhi Wei!

The Lookbook.nu party at the Norwood Club was another memorable one. I am newly obsessed with the Norwood Club and want to become a member there ASAP. It’s a really cool 3 story town house that was turned into this club with a different theme on each floor. My favorite being the art floor. BUT I was also in love with the back porch area. The club is “a home for the curious” aka really cool artistic people. So think something like Soho House but not as mainstream. Loves it.

Lookbook parties are always so fun and full of such awesome, stylish (obviously) and creative people. I love the Lookbook team because they are so down to earth and creative geniuses. Plus they really know how to throw a great party. My favorite type of people. And how beautiful is that back porch area? Really romantic yet chill vibe. I’m a sucker for hanging lights so I was in love with this. (Insert starry eyed emoji.)

Also the Toni & Guy team did my hurrr which was awesome, felt like Princess Leia. Also really awesome people and I cannot wait to work with them more this year!

Side note: Sorry for the delay in posts, been a busy bee the past few weeks but I will share London, Milan and Malta asap!


Inspiration of the day:

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”

— James Michener

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Song of the day: “Howling” by Ry Cuming & Frank Wiedmann-Ame Remix (Fast forward to about 2:50)