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I cannot get over what a small world it is! I actually know both Rachel and Jinna and I didn’t know they were going to be in this article until today, both amazing bloggers and girls. I previously worked with Rachel and had her come in to pull from the last PR showroom I used to work for and now I currently work with Jinna at the same online e-commerce website, Zaden Row(which I am in love with).  I remember when I moved to New York and didn’t have a blog yet and I loved and admired each of their blogs. Feel so blessed to be in the same article as you guys. Anyways here is the article and you can check it out here as well. Or go to their homepage here. Happy Wednesday! xoxo viviere bella

New-York City and fashion go hand in hand. Known internationally as one of the fashion capitals, your holiday in the “city that never sleeps” will be one to remember.

Amy Nicole Marietta, Rachel Schwartzmann and Jinna Yang are three talented and creative bloggers and fashionistas, who share their fashion journey and other passions through their blogs.

Amy, New York City blogger and fashionista


Tell us about yourselves?

Amy: I’m Amy Marietta and I’m originally from California but I moved to NYC in 2012. I am a fashion blogger, model, journalist, and student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I devote myself to working hard in the fashion industry and I love what I do.

Rachel: I am a dreamer. I am a fashion hound. I am a creator. I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a listener. I am a student.

Jinna: I’m Jinna, a 23-year-old blogger and photographer in NYC. I document my lifestyle and opinions – the fashion, the travel, the shopping, events and food on greaseandglamour.com.

What is fashion to you?

A: Fashion is a way to express yourself and, like it or not, people judge you the moment they meet you, so impress them and be you on the outside and inside. My fashion has changed slightly due to the influence of culture here in New York but I have always kept the same basics. Although designer names are big here, I mix because I really do not agree that spending loads of money to dress yourself is necessary especially when there are stores such as H&M, Zara and Top Shop for some chic pieces.

R: It is expression, art, business and creativity. As I change so does its meaning, but despite any pre-conceived notions others have about fashion or the industry, fashion to me will always be something personal and positive.

J: Fashion is a personal outlet for my creativity. It’s an extension of my self-expression, and yes, a bit of an obsession.

Rachel, fashion blogger, New York City


How does New York inspire you?

A: This city is the ultimate fashion capital in America and most of the population is dressed to the T all day every day so you do not want to be behind on your fashion when visiting here. I see people’s fashion every day whether it is at work or on the streets.

R: I live in New York City and it is probably the primary reason as to why I even became interested in the arts, creativity and fashion. As Bill Cunningham once quoted: “The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be.” Inspiration is at every corner and there are areas such as SoHo, the Meatpacking District and Williamsburg which particularly influence my style because each area seems to be a niche for a particular style, and pay host to an array of such fashionable individuals.

J: There is always some form of “grease” in everything glamorous. My style, as well as any industry (fashion, food, and travel), can have that cool juxtaposition that makes life so interesting.

What item you always take with you on holiday?

A: During the winter, it is all about your coat and boots that make your outfits because you never really see what is underneath. During the Summer time sunshine, purchase some cute sandals as well as some high-waisted shorts because it can get really hot and humid here. It is really important to stay as cool as possible without dressing too risqué.

R: Any classic piece such as a blazer, pair of chic but comfortable jeans, statement heels and definitely gold and silver jewellery. All of these pieces can be layered (depending on the season) and can be dressed up or down.

J: Whenever I travel, I make sure I bring samples of my skincare routine. It’s easy to forget to moisturise when you’re away from home, but taking care of your skin is a must. I also make sure I bring a versatile selection of shoes – a comfortable pair anda super sexy stylish pair. You never want to miss out on an adventure because you’re under or over dressed, and the right heels can even make a tee-shirt dressy.

Jinna New York City blogger


Your fashion tip for holiday?

A: If you plan on travelling here during the winter make sure you bring lots and lots of layers including scarves, gloves, coats, leggings, tights, thick socks, ear muffs and anything else that will keep you comfortable and warm. You can never have enough layers during the winter time especially if you plan on ice skating or spending any time outdoors. You can be cute bundled up, trust me.

R: I think it depends on the season, and circumstances. Above all, wherever you travel wear items that represent your personal style and exude confidence. That is one thing that will never go out of style.

J: Make sure you bring the right pair of shoes! Always carry a bag that will hold a pair of flats or flip flops when you are going out at night. You will not be able to walk around New York City in heels all day or all night. Also, bring clothing that will layer easily. Layering makes your outfit more interesting, but you can take off layers to cool down when you are somewhere with air conditioning.

Check out more on their blogs at vivierbella.com and lestylechild.com and greaseandglamour.com. Also, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @Amynicole134 and @jinnaboo.