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Video edited by Dennis Thomas for Nanette Lepore and Gov Ball ūüôā

Before this year I had never been to a music festival although I have a serious passion, LOVE and appreciation for MUSIC. This year I have been fortunate enough to work with brands who allow me to use my creativity to share experiences, outfits and events to make content and create campaigns which help to expand their visibility amongst a certain demographic.

I’m most grateful for the unique, creative individuals that I cross paths with along these adventures. Y’all inspire me constantly.

Doing what I love is so freeing.¬†I may have a crazy schedule that definitely wears me out sometimes but I wouldn’t want to live my life any other way. I’ve always been a dreamer and a creator and I’ve finally found ways to channel those to help brands and people. ūüôā

Previously at Coachella I had the opportunity to work with Rescue Skin, Chevrolet, Century 21 and Show Me Your Mumu which you can see here.

For GOV BALL I was working with Minnetonka and Nanette Lepore. You can read my interview with Minnetonka here and our video for Nanette Lepore x Gov Ball will be out soon.

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Sandals by Minnetonka; Jacket by ABS; Backpack by KN Leather Goods

Since we were working directly with Gov Ball and their sponsors, we were able to swing Artist’s Lounge/All Access passes so we got the best content (not to mention stories) ever. Huge thank you¬†to Nanette Lepore for giving¬†my partner in crime¬†Jinna from GreaseAndGlamour.com, and new gal pal Claire from DeLuneBlog.com, the most unforgettable experiences and opportunities. Read below for more and stay tuned for some videos:)

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For Saturday I went really casual/sporty. I appreciate everyone who dresses extreme¬†for festivals, I really do, but sometimes I like the low-key looks the best. You don’t always have to peacock – especially for music festivals.

I am obsessed with #MyMinnetonka Lyric sandals – they are perfect for running around and dancing in. Minnetonka is¬†such a classic brand – one that I highly recommend for¬†all festivals. The quality, variety of styles, and functionality are all on point. They’re like a festival chic version of Adidas slip ons – perfect for you peeps that love to be comfortable but still festival chic. I also love Minnetonka because they have managed to stay relevant and change with the times without losing their quality and ethos. #FANGIRL #FORREAL

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Rescue Skin to save the day!  How cute is Tina though? #HOMEGIRL

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Kiesza. Showed up just in time Saturday to see her perform Hideaway. Incredible – her dance moves though.

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Backstage at Flume… Definitely a highlight. Definitely. He is so young and so talented. To see the way the crowd responded was incredible – the best energy I’ve ever experienced. This is why I love music.

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Deadmau5 then

DAY 2.

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Artist’s Lounge vibes.

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 Got to hang out with Marnie for a little bit! Of course she was in the VIP section Р#celebpup. <3

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While shooting the Nanette Lepore video in the Artist’s Lounge we asked Tame Impala to take a pic with us. This is what happened.

#rapsquat #iwanthissilkshirt #amongstotherthings

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Backstage at Tame Impala – the energy of the crowd was unreal. So hard to explain but it was a beautiful thing.

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Having a Kanye moment.

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My obsession with off the shoulder tops continues… Nanette Lepore has been one of my favorite designers from the beginning.¬†The quality, bright colors, perfect mix of sophistication and playfulness.¬†it’s all very my style. Every single¬†Nanette piece I have fits perfectly and makes me feel elegantly chic.

So naturally I am addicted. This skort and top will be making multiple appearances – I don’t care about outfit repeating – I could wear this day and night – ideal for city girls.

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Bishop Nehru! GET IT.

If you haven’t heard of Bishop Nehru yet and you are a fan of hip hop like me – check him¬†out. V talented.

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A-TRAK’s trailer.

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Bag by Brahmin

Thank you Stack Wine for the beach balls and wine РI think the concept behind your on-the-go wine in pure genius.

Inspirations of the day: 

“One good thing about music. When it hits you, you feel no pain.”

-Bob Marley

“You gotta fight for your right to party.”

-Rick Rubin

“Music is a world within¬†itself. It’s a language we all understand.”

-Stevie Wonder

Song of the day: “On Top” Remix by Flume