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Silk scarf: A.M. Club / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Bracelet: Hermes / Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Pants: Metisu / Shoes: Mara And Mine

Photos taken by Joe Hodges at Lemonade – one of my favorite spots in LA:) 



Moving back to Los Angeles has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Each morning I wake up, appreciate the view of this beautiful city and grin with giddiness because I realize the endless possibilities that the day may present to me. I’ve been lucky to meet so many inspiring individuals who have changed my life here.

You might roll out of bed, go get a coffee and meet someone you just vibe with. Then, all of a sudden, you have a new friend who you can inspire and create with. 

You might be inspired by someone and then go into a very introspective dive – going through emotions and sensations – intense days – filled with new experiences and ideas.

Or in my case, you may decide to have lunch at Lemonade with some colleagues, and then randomly your soulmate rolls up on his Harley, sweeps you off your feet and you both start a whole new journey together. Even after you swore you would never (ever) date anyone in LA. (And yes, I am now that annoying girl every single girl talks shit about. Whatever.)

Your life can change forever in a matter of minutes in LA.


LA continuously creates a chain of unexpected events – and I love it. 

There is such a spontaneous, yet casual feeling in LA – so much is being created and happening every day. If you have the right attitude and drive – anything is possible here. It’s an extremely inspiring and liberating little pocket that influences the rest of the world. It’s amazing to know how much has been created here – from cinema to music to visual arts. L.A. is the core of media.

LA has ample opportunities, the perfect weather, beautiful homes, trendy restaurants, healthy AND photogenic food, talented creatives galore and the best locations for photos. 

striped pants

LA is blossoming with opportunities and booming with business. 

Everyone asks me if I miss NY I have days where a think back about my life in New York and how I had a serious routine. I am grateful for how much I learned there including work ethic, and the people I met. But I’m more excited for this chapter of my life here in LA.


I love the style here in LA because it’s so casual and easy going. I’ve been really into my good old, favorite staples. From my favorite jeans or silk pants to the boyfriend t-shirts. Today’s look is all about that effortless feel with some details. I am really into navy lately so I wore these high waisted, striped pants with an oversized navy t-shirt I tied up to give the look some shape. Then for the details I tied on an A.M. Club silk scarf, slipped on some horsehair loafers and grabbed the classic LV bag for a little contrast. 

 Wishing you all the best day <3

louis vuitton crossbody