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Anna Wintour and Bradley Cooper. Nice arm charm.

Harry and Tinie Tempah.

I find it easier to write descriptions as I go rather than one large sum at the end of each post, especially for traveling and fashion week because each photo tells a detailed story. So here we go.

First things first- the Burberry Prorsum show was unreal. From the plush seating to the live performance by Paloma Faith and an entire orchestra to the attendees to, of course, the beautiful collection itself. The organization of the production was superb, I have never felt so accommodated. Go Sue and Christopher, you two are out of this world. Best PR crew hands down. Seriously though you guys are superstars…

So the collection itself was full of warm, Fall colors mixed with a light hearted Spring/Summer-y vibe but what really stood out to me was that they custom made each model a blanket poncho with their initials monogrammed for the finale. Such distinct pieces. I remember in the airport on my way from London to Milan I saw one of the models wearing her poncho and it really caught my eye. She looked so chic and put together yet comfortable at the same time. Great branding…

The collection was also very relaxed and comfortable chic meets high end. There were also a lot of cashmere and Scottish-woven wool pieces mixed with some suede and shearling pieces. Then there were also the flow-y silk dresses that floated down the runway. The new Bloomsbury bag is also something to write home about. Each leather and suede piece was hand-painted beautifully…I definitely think those are going to be the new “it” bag this year because not only are they beautiful but very functional for everyone. And let’s face it, these days the more you work and travel, the more you need a big bag to throw everything in-including multiple outfits, duh.

Of course to have a beautiful show you need beautiful models and the casting of the show was phenomenal. Of course my favorite being Cara but also Jourdan Dunn is such a stunner. Love the way you move gurrrrl. Overall, one of the best experiences at fashion week if not the best yet.

Dress: Mua Mua Dolls; Coat: Cres. E Dim; Shoes: Solestruck; Bag: Chanel from Bella Bag; Shades: Tom Ford

Photos by Zhi Wei

Photo feature on The Styleograph.

Photo feature on HerWorldPlus.com

So I wore Karl’s face to Burberry and later to Tom Ford. He was there in spirit. Don’t worry Karl, I got you… I also paired a little white Chanel cross-body and Tom Ford shades just to be cohesive. All my favorite brands and people in one look.This was definitely one of my favorite outfits for fashion week. So fun. Yes, the dress is a bit bold but I mean come on, how cool is it. The quality is also superb. I also love these bold white shoes from Solestruck. So crisp and clean.

Then we were off to…

Bradley and Tom after the show…hubba hubba.

I don’t pop molly I rock that Tom Ford.

Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

 Had to.

The Tom Ford show was another memorable night in my life… To be in the same room as Anna Wintour and then get stuck in the paparazzi mob outside with her…I can try and play it cool but really I was a bit ecstatic and it didn’t seem like real life. Surreal experience.

The show itself was so luxe. From the champagne served before the show to the plush couches for seats to the models to the collection I loved every second of it. Of course my favorite pieces were the loud Tom Ford sequined dresses but I also loved the bold leather pieces and fun pops of red seen throughout the show. Tom always keeps it sexy.

Then to end a successful fashion week we spent our last night in Chinatown getting some good dim sum and drinks. Wouldn’t have spent it any other way. London, until we meet again…Mwah.

Stay tuned for the Nylon April issue but don’t worry I will definitely be sharing that once it is published.


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