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Okay I lied….here is my last NYFW post but it’s a REALLY good one. One of my clients I Still Love You NYC collaborated with DKNY so I got to go backstage to snap some pics of the models before the show. The whole production was amazing – from the casting to the hair and make up to the music and then of course the collection was killer. I love DKNY because they have really rebranded themselves into a cool brand that truly represents New York. They mix city cool with sporty chic and boom – beautiful collections and campaigns are created.

This show was all about New York and I really loved every second of it. Anna Wintour even showed up – always love having mama bear in da house. Definitely one of my favorite shows so far in New York and I was so proud to be there to support Carrie, the genius behind ISLYNYC. If you haven’t already heard of her jewelry then you should check us out – I’m majorly obsessed – she’s actually one of the coolest designers ever.

Maybe next time I should take off my Backstage Pass? Or nah. 00 Fucks. (And yes this necklace is ISLYNYC).

Photo by Scott Brasher

Inspiration of the day:

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving this goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

-Thomas Jefferson

After the DKNY show I cabbed up to Custo Barcelona really quickly to go backstage with Zhi to snap a couple pictures. As always his collection was full of colors and vibrant pieces. Love you Custo!

Ciao bellos. It’s been real.