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Amy Marietta Jan 31st 2015 (1)

Amy Marietta Jan 31st 2015 (2)

Amy Marietta Jan 31st 2015 (3)

Amy Marietta Jan 31st 2015 (4)


Amy Marietta Jan 31st 2015 (7)

Amy Marietta Jan 31st 2015 Film (7)

Sunnies: Shauns California; Shirt: California Buyer; Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Shoedazzle.

Photos by Jon Macapodi

This past week I received a lot of heart warming notes from young women saying that they respected my hustle and were inspired. Those kind of things are what really and truly make my days – to know I’m making some type of difference to inspire young women throughout the world to work harder and find what they are passionate about. Your life is your message – so make it something substantial, powerful and inspiring.

Just like everyone else – I am constantly looking for ways to grow, new things to explore and how to continuously create myself. I went through a short period in my life where I was scared to be bold because I was scared of judgement and then I realized – we’re all just humans and I’m going to do what makes me feel fulfilled – it’s my life and it’s now or never. Inspiring young women to be independent, inspiring people to travel and do what they are passionate about, inspiring them to work harder, inspiring everyone to have a positive outlook on life and be truly happy – those are all things that I want to do. While also sharing some outfit inspiration, music and quotes along the way:) Live and love. <3

I also wanted to take the time to write a post to educate other young, entrepreneurial women on how to protect themselves in business. I just learned my first lesson the hard way this week when I asked my old boss when I would receive the commission for a client I brought in for a year contract in which he replied I would receive no commission because I was no longer an employee. Now as much of a dick move that was – it was also careless on my end to not take care of that before I left the company. Granted the amount was less than a Celine – but it’s the principal. The lesson I learned was to always read the fine print and that this is the real world – no one is responsible for you besides you. My dad got to have his “I told you so” moment because he always said to read my contracts thoroughly…lesson learned. Welcome to New York. Dad, you were right – love you.

And dear business men, just because we look naive or nice does not mean you can walk all over us – we have just as much power. And to the men out there who do respect women as equals in the work space – you are greatly appreciated.

Don’t mistake our kindness for weakness.


Inspiration of the day: 

“Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.

–Earl Nightingale

Jon Macapodi – one of my favorite photographer/videographers -and I shot these photos with no real plan in the beginning but then we got creative and I put together a business women outfit and a couple other fun looks as well that I will share later in the week. We ended up filming a quick 15 second video as well and called it “Risky Business” – check it out below or on my instagram @amy_marietta.

Thank you everyone in my life who loves me for being me – I love you all so much.

And I’d like to thank all the women entrepreneurs out there – you are awesome and inspiring.

PS. Follow Jon on Instagram because he’s awesome and I love his work- @jonmacapodi.

“Risky Business” by Jon Macapodi

Song of the day: “Four, Five Seconds” by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney

PS. So excited for the Grammy’s tonight!