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Photos by Jon Macapodi

 I am newly obsessed with tying things around my waist. We all did it in middle school and we may have looked a little nerdy or awkward back then with our bulky sweatshirts fastened around our little awkward bodies. But now I think it is such a cool and different way to wear sweaters and you can do it right with a lightweight piece. It’s a very nonchalant, on the go, I woke up like this look. Especially with this unwavering weather, it is always good to have an extra cardigan on hand in case mother nature decides to rain on you. God forbid our hair has a chance to frizz…Oh just kidding the humidity in New York will haunt your hair for the next 4 months. LOLZ. #hairspraysaveslives

This new shirt company I was recently introduced to is my new go to-South Parade. You know how some shirts just fall perfectly and you can sleep in them, work out in them, wake up in them and wear them 3 days in a row… Yeah you probably don’t do that but I did with this shirt because it is THAT comfortable. The quality is so superb that the more you wear it the better it fits and feels. When it fits, you feel it. HAHA JC PENNY. PUNNY SLOGAN GUYS.

(Note: I have washed it since mom, stop fretting.)

PS. Embrace creams, tans and light neutrals. They are the new black for Spring. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. With a scarf.


Inspiration of the day:

“Strong people don’t put others down…they lift them up.”

–     Michael P. Watson

–     “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

–     -Eleanor Roosevelt

Song of the day: “Holdin’ On” by Flume