The Best Ambergris Caye, Belize Itinerary

Belize is one of the most underrated travel destinations, especially Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is a 25 mile long island 35 miles off the coast of the mainland. It’s the perfect tropical getaway for those who love good food, good vibes, beautiful views, and unforgettable adventures. After going to Belize a handful of times, I finally put together my version of the best Ambergris Caye, Belize itinerary after receiving requests on Instagram (amy_marietta) & Tiktok (amymarietta). 🙂

ambergris caye belize san pedro
the ultimate best ambergris caye belize itinerary 2022
the best ambergris caye belize itinerary


On your first day I highly recommend renting a golf cart for your entire stay to get around the island. There are a few rental places right across the airport so we just pop in after landing. It’s about $50 / day.

After renting a golf cart, check-in, relax, then check out the town San Pedro where there’s lots of shops, restaurants, and the local San Pedro Artisans Market. Shop, buy some souvenirs & gifts, support the locals, and whatever you do, don’t forget to buy Lisette’s famous hot sauce:) (here’s a video of everything i bought:)

Also make sure to stop by the Belize Chocolate Company in San Pedro for some locally made chocolates. My sister and I took a class here where they taught us all about the cacao & process – so fun & we made some friends:)

Then head on over to the Palapa Bar & Grill which is this unique & fun restaurant on the water. They have live music, a swim deck with floating inner tubes to lounge in the water, and a sun deck to relax. This place is an experience in itself & we go every time. Don’t forget to sign your name on the bar – just ask them for a marker – everyone is so friendly here:)

palapa bar ambergris caye belize
palapa bar belize bar
palapa bar belize bar
palapa bar belize bar
palapa bar belize
san medro town artisans market
the best ambergris caye, belize itinerary
yacht club ambergris caye


Swim with sharks & snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Something I love about Belize is that you don’t have to worry about booking everything ahead of time. No reason to stress, just go with the flow & book as you go. You’ll see a ton of places where you can book tours, but I recommend going to the pier in front of the Yacht Club to book a boat tour because they are so nice & the boat was great. We saw turtles, stingrays, and lots of nurse sharks at Shark Ray Alley. I would even recommend doing this adventure twice because it’s so epic and unforgettable. The Belize Barrier Reef is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage program – it’s so beautiful to see a thriving reef. They do such a great job preserving it so please don’t litter & make sure to always be a conscious traveler:)

hol chan marine reserve turtle
ambergris caye belize 2022
snorkel in belize
boat tour belize

After a day of adventure, get dressed up and go to the new & beautiful Alaia Hotel for drinks & live music at the Piano Bar & dinner at Sea Salt Restaurant. The vibe is relaxed-upscale, the architecture is modern, the space is overall well-designed, and trust me, just make sure you look up:)

alaia belize hotel
alaia ambergris caye


It’s time to go to the not-so-secret Secret Beach for the day. I LOVE Secret Beach & would also recommend going twice during your stay because it’s the best beach on the island. The water temperature is perfect, there’s restaurants & beach service with everything you need, and the best part is they have tables and chairs IN THE WATER. AND swings. It’s truly a tropical paradise. They also added a waterpark but I didn’t go because honestly I think it was a better view without it (it looks gimmicky) and you have to wear a lifejacket. Just order a pina colada at any of the restaurants (they’re all great) and relax.

the best ambergris caye belize itinerary
the best ambergris caye belize itinerary
secret beach belize
secret beach ambergris caye belize
secret beach restaurants bars
secret beach san pedro ambergris caye belize travel
secret beach swing bar belize
the best ambergris caye belize itinerary
secret beach ambergris caye

quick side note : Secret Beach is on the side of the island that doesn’t get the super strong wind & all the seaweed blown into it like the East facing side which is why it’s so perfect. The water is much more clear on this side year round whereas the other side can get a lot of seaweed certain times of the year.

On your way back from Secret Beach, stop by the Truck Stop which is a fun place with a beer garden, a pool, games, and a courtyard of restaurants that are made out of brightly painted shipping containers, hence the name. Enjoy the good food, a bottle of local Belikin beer, live music, outdoor movies, trivia nights, and more. Hours are 11 am to 10 pm.

truck stop ambergris caye  belize
truck stop san pedro belize

I’m hesitant to recommend this but you can also check out the chicken drop at Wahoo’s Lounge on the beach. Order a drink, enjoy the vibey Caribbean music, bid on what number the chicken is going to shit on, and if you’re right, you win $100. I say hesitant because they gave the chicken to this guy to shake around before and that really gave me the ick so I don’t plan on going back.

wahoos lounge ambergris caye belize chicken drop
chicken drop belize

Enjoy Ambergris Caye & remember to always be a conscious and respectful traveler:)

ambergris caye sunset

The Best Ambergris Caye, Belize Itinerary

the best ambergris caye, belize itinerary
the best belize itinerary

HOTEL recommendations

Alaia, Victoria House, Matachica, Las Terrazas, or an Airbnb.

Restaurant recommendations

Iguana Juan’s, Wild Mango (lots of vegan options), Juice Dive Bar for acai bowls & lots of vegetarian dishes, Elvi’s Kitchen, Estel’s, Blue Fish Grill, TOAST (they have bowling on the beach)

elvi's belize - best san pedro ambergris caye restaurants
san pedro ambergris caye sign

Bonus ideas:

  • sunset cruise
  • day trip to Caye Caulker where there’s lots of manatees 🙂
  • day trip to the Mayan Ruins.
  • if you want to explore more of Belize, I highly recommend doing the ATM Caves. It was life-changing for me.

secret beach ambergris caye
secret beach swings ambergris caye belize

The Best Ambergris Caye, Belize Itinerary Belize