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If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you know I’m definitely not always a homebody, but if we’re friends IRL – you’ll definitely agree that I am the homebody/mom of the group. My homebody moments just aren’t really the ones I typically share with the world because I’m busy being introverted and in my own head. I go through phases depending on what projects I’m working on, if friends are in town or hosting an event and I want to go support, etc. but honestly, I LOVE the homebody phases for so many reasons…

  • Being a homebody helps me regroup, organize my thoughts and really keep my visions and goals clear on who I want to be and what I want to do to make myself a better person. I can do the things I love and get caught up on things I’ve been meaning to do without as many distractions holding me back from my full potential. I truly enjoy being in the right head space which is more difficult to do, especially when living in major cities like LA, Miami and NYC where you get sensory overload.
  • I’ve gotten better at a lot of things from my homebody phases like decorating homes, hosting small and large groups of people, learning about various industries or topics that interest me, online shopping, making itineraries for my travels and organizing. Sounds trivial but I love being able to go through all my bookmark tabs on my computers – makes me feel productive. img_1777

I know what I like.

  • I feel fulfilled when I’m working because I love what I do so being home makes sense because I can produce better content and brainstorm bigger and better ideas. I no longer get FOMO because I’m truly happy and comfortable with myself. Call me lame af or selfish but I’d rather spend time in with a few inspiring friends talking about ideas and making plans.
  • I’ve learned how to say no and not feel bad about it because it’s my life and I control it. I don’t like taking shots or getting fucked up because I don’t want to escape anything. Life is beautiful – I love it and appreciate every moment. Going out becomes the same routine – you pregame, order an Uber, drink more, dance (my favorite part), afterparties, go home, pass out, repeat. Sure, sometimes I meet interesting people and make new friends, but rarely. Most of the time it’s the same shit. I’d rather spend my time with close friends and the fam. I see my time as valuable and don’t like to spend it “getting wasted” or having hangovers. Can we just analyze that term real quick though? “Wasted.” Why would we want to “waste” anything? I’m not saying it’s right or wrong by any means – I love getting drinks with friends and dancing to some hip-hop, I’m just saying that I don’t really feel a need to “waste” any beautiful days feeling like I need Advil, a sauna sesh and rehab. I also think that the conversations you have with people who care about you are more meaningful and wise than any advice some drunk stranger can offer at the bar – so I avoid those. Life tip: If you ever find yourself in a situation you aren’t into – just leave. I do it all the time and never regret it.
  • I’ve become more self-sufficient and independent, thoughtful and self-aware. img_1768

I’m not anti-social by any means, but I do like having control over the environment and surrounding myself with like-minded people who I can grow with. I spend a lot of time creating the right vibe for my home because I like spending time here and I love that my friends know they are always welcome. The random visits always make me feel warm and fuzzy because I want my close friends to feel like my home is their second home.

I don’t know why, but I love providing and making sure the people I care about are taken care of – it’s a major reason why I work so hard. Being a good friend and human makes me feel fulfilled – probably a characteristic I picked up from my parents. Thx guys.

Finding comfort in being alone or spending more time at home is something that takes time and happens for everyone at different stages. Everyone will get there, just on their own terms. Don’t feel like you’re boring for doing so, you just know what you want and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.



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Outfit above: top and bottoms by Molly Bracken / Outfit below by Tribe Kelley