Feature on Refinery 29 for LOFT

Shot by Geordy Pearson

So working with Refinery 29 and LOFT was definitely at the top of my favorite moments thus far. Both teams are beyond amazing and the styling day and photo shoot could not have gone any better. Days like these make me appreciate everything and everyone I have had the opportunity to work with. Read some of the interview below and the whole article here.

So, tell us about these three looks. 

For the work look, I went very classic-chic with the cream button-down blouse and statement necklace. The look is simple, but the color combination makes it pop in a sophisticated manner. The night look was very bohemian and fun. Do you have any idea how many compliments you would receive for wearing this scarf around your head as a headband? Just trust me on this one. I like to keep my staple pieces simple, but then accessorize them with really fun items. You don’t want to have too much going on, so this black silk top was perfect to pair with the pop of bright-blue pants. And, for the [weekend outfit], I decided to funk up the look with some Chucks. Let’s be honest, Chucks with trousers look awesome.

Most women try to avoid bright colors, but you gravitate toward them. What made you pick this cobalt shade? 

“This color blue is absolutely perfect, because you can wear it day to night, and it’s just a beautiful color in general. I wouldn’t mind painting one of my walls this color actually…Yeah, I wouldn’t mind staring at it every single day. The pants are obviously a very vibrant color, so they tend to steal the show, but it is easy to dress them down as well to make them casual.”

We love that these pants work so well for three different occasions, what do you love most about them?

“I tended to steer clear of these pants before, because they seemed too formal and only appropriate for work. But when you create the perfect fit and have a selection of vibrant colors, it’s a whole new ball game. If we’re being completely honest, I love the butt. Most trousers make your butt look flat in them but these fit perfectly and keep your butt looking perky. The overall fit is exceptionally figure-flattering.”

Read the full article here.