The Council For Fashion And Social Change

As you may know, I started a luxury silk line last year – A.M. Club.  A.M. Club was created to give back. We want the world to be an inspiring and thriving place.

I launched A.M. as a way to bring my love of creative collaborations, art and culture to the world through high quality silk designs while also giving back to the community. After working in the industry for many years, traveling the globe and meeting thousands of unique individuals, I was inspired to showcase this in a way that was unique while also supporting creatives.A.M. produces exclusive, high-quality silk pieces with a unique story. Each design has a purpose, and the pieces are crafted from the finest raw materials in the world.  A.M. donates a percentage of all profit to various organizations that we feel passionately about.

You can read about me becoming a brand ambassador on their website here.