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Valletta, Malta’s capital.

This is Malta’s stock exchange building…a bit different than New York’s I would say.

Valletta’s festive streets. Feels like home.

This is the public library. If I lived in Malta I would have lunch here at least twice a week. The ambiance is so perfect I can’t even describe it through words or photos. Bianca is lucky enough to work in the building right next door so she gets to experience this everyday… I need to reevaluate living in NYC…

Cafe Cordina. Founded in 1837 and is still going strong. Loved this place and the little old man running it. So quaint and full of character. And these pastries above are called pastizzi. It is a rather croissant consistency and then is filled with either peas or ricotta cheese. This is a really popular Maltese food plus I noticed that they also LOVE goat cheese. On the hotel menu there were even goat cheese options for breakfast. A bit much for me but explains why my little sister is addicted to it. Marissa, it is is your genes to love goat cheese. Don’t worry.

Beautiful Bianca.

Beautiful benches.

Beautiful blue ocean.

Sweater and skirt: Chan Luu; Shoes: Ruby + Ed; Bag: Gigi New York; Necklace: Karen London; Bracelets: Kim & Zozi

Photos by Bianca and myself

I love this Chan Luu outfit. The sweater is so comfortable and hangs perfectly and then the skirt is so dainty and the perfect neutral color. Everyone needs neutral ensembles in their life.

Exploring Mdina or the “Silent City” as they call it. If I lived in Malta I would want to live here in this fortress for sure. This is where “Game of Thrones” and some of “Troy” was filmed. It has such a medieval feel but I love it because the castle ambiance obviously. I’m all about that princess life.

In Mdina we also went to enjoy some chocolate cake and drinks at Fontanella. This restaurant had the best view of the city and I will definitely be going back there.


After living in New York for a few years I totally forgot that some places around the world have 2 for 1 happy hours. Not like I could even finish both drinks anyways but still a pleasant surprise.

Havana, the best nightclub in Malta. Bianca, her beau Alix and I spent the night dancing away and throwing back some “shooters.” Hands down one of the best nights on my Euro trip. Bianca taught me some more Maltese lingo including my favorite word “hamali” which basically is their way of describing  jersey shore type people. I just love the way it sounds honestly. Hamali hamali hamali. Ugh he was so hamali. Maybe I need to find a new favorite Maltese word.

Also “imhabba into” means love you in Maltese for those of you who don’t speak fluently…So everyone reading this. This was just another wanderlust day in Malta with Bianca. I love these polaroids above. Love the vintage feel. I LOVE YOU MALTA.

Bews. (Kisses in Maltese) XX