The Most Comfortable Sofa That Is Also Timeless & Versatile

mario bellini cameleonda sofa eternity modern amy marietta

I spent days trying to find the perfect, most comfortable sofa during the beginning of 2020 because like most, I found myself spending a lot all of my time at home. I also moved from a 800 square foot apartment to a 4 bedroom house, so it was time to invest in some quality home decor & furniture. Low-key though, adulting is so fun.

For most home decor pieces, I try to buy second hand, so all of my marble, travertine, & plaster tables are from either estate sales, Offer Up, or Facebook Marketplace. I like to do this because not only is it fiscally smart, but it’s sustainable & eco-friendly. Decorating my space this way also makes my home more unique in many ways which I love – it feels more personal. mario bellini cameleonda sofa eternity modern amy marietta

However, when it comes to sofas, I always buy new for many reasons. Number one being that I am kind of a germaphobe and number two being that I’m super picky. So after scouring the internet for days, I finally decided to order a custom remake of the Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa from Eternity Modern in a cream boucle.

Typically I would never order a custom sofa without sitting on it to see if it’s comfortable, but the reviews were great so I took a chance. And girl… I was not disappointed in the slightest. This is the couch of my dreams! I was so excited unboxing this beaut. I love the Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa because you can keep adding pieces and rearrange them multiple difference ways. They’re super lightweight, yet sturdy. I love how open the room feels due to their low profile and minimal aesthetic. This sofa is just pure perfection. mario bellini cameleonda sofa eternity modern amy marietta

I ordered Combination 008 & an ottoman, took the middle piece of the couch, and made it into another chair because it fits in the reading room perfectly. Eventually I want to add more pieces in different colors depending on how we redo the house. There’s endless possibilities & that’s what I love about this sofa – it’s something I’ll keep for life.

The History Of The Cameleonda Sofa

The history of this modular sofa is also what drew me to it. Italian design visionary Mario Bellini created this design in the 70’s and debuted the design at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC for the exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape.” The sofa was then temporarily produced by B&B Italia for 8 years, but then they stopped production. Now due to the high demand again, Eternity Modern is making the reproduction at a fraction of the price. The modules are created sustainably, consisting of recyclable materials that provide great longevity.

mario bellini cameleonda sofa eternity modern amy marietta

The Camaleonda is a work of art that elevates any room. The cloud-like aesthetic makes this the dreamiest statement sofa.

Timeless. Sustainable. Adaptable. Form. Function. Flexibility.

mario bellini cameleonda sofa eternity modern amy marietta

Fun fact: Cameleonda is a combination of Italian words “chameleon” and “wave” to describe the sofa’s modular bubble like curves & adaptability.

Shop the Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa here.

mario bellini cameleonda sofa eternity modern amy marietta