Why You Should Shop Vintage Fashion

Let’s talk about the many reasons why you should shop vintage fashion.

Fast-fashion is something we cannot afford to take lightly. It’s an industry that is not only destroying our planet, but it’s also unethical. We must be conscious of our daily consumption & how it affects the world around us. A great solution to combat this is to shop vintage fashion & second-hand items on websites such as one of my favorites that I’ve personally purchased from LXR & Co.

Why You Should Shop Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion Is Sustainable & Ethical

Shopping vintage fashion has so many benefits but the number one most important is that it is the eco-friendly & sustainable choice. Selling & shopping vintage is one of the best ways to recycle. Fast fashion is the world’s second largest polluter, following oil. Not only is the fast-fashion industry horrible for our planet, but it’s also an industry that commonly abuses their workers from child-slavery to unsafe working conditions.

Shopping Vintage = More Unique Style

Not only is shopping vintage the eco-friendly & sustainable choice, but you will also create a more unique & personal style. The coolest pieces in my closet are vintage designer items because not only are they special, but the quality is elite. Every piece of vintage clothing is kind of like a mini time machine. A vintage luxury bag may have lived a whole other life. Maybe she went to the south of France in the 70’s for a european summer or maybe she was used on a movie set back in the day. Each piece has an untold story and I think that’s beautiful.

vintage gucci bag

Vintage Fashion Quality

Vintage fashion, especially vintage luxury pieces, were made to last. The fabrics were sturdy and they were most likely hand-crafted by someone who dedicated their whole life to the art. Many of the new fabrics used in fast-fashion today actually use toxic chemicals which is not only bad for the environment, but also the workers.

Why You Should Shop Vintage Fashion

Shopping Vintage Supports Smaller Businesses

As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to shop from smaller businesses & sellers because you can make a bigger difference in entrepreneurs lives. Buying from vintage sellers is one of the best ways to shop because you’re directly helping other entrepreneurs rather than supporting major companies like Forever 21 or Amazon.

You can buy or sell luxury vintage with LXR & CO which not only allows you to shop from other people all over the world, but you also know that the piece is going to be authentic & great quality because LXR & CO have professional authenticators.

Vintage Luxury Is An Investment

Shopping vintage luxury items is also an investment because some of the pieces increase in value if taken care of properly. You can even start a collection to either sell one day or pass down to someone.

I personally purchased my very first luxury designer travel bag from LXR 8 years ago & she’s literally been around the world with me. I bought the timeless Louis Vuitton Keepall duffel & it’s been chic & sturdy over the years.

I hope this inspired you to shop more vintage luxury & make a positive difference. Definitely check out LXR & CO for luxury vintage fashion pieces! The selection is stunning & they are always adding new inventory:)

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Why You Should Shop Vintage FashionThis post has been sponsored by LXRCO but all opinions are entirely my own. 🙂