Bedroom Trends To Try In 2020

When you make the decision to transform your bedroom and try a new style, it can be tricky to find the right one. Many people decide to look at interior design trends but how can you keep up when they are constantly changing? Sometimes, it is better to be ahead of the trends and think towards what is going to be in when the new year comes around.

To help you with this, we have put together a list of some of the hot bedroom trends that we think are going to be very popular in 2020. Keep reading to hear what these are.


Everyone knows that the minimalist trend has been around for years but because of this, you know that it is one that you can rely on. With a minimalist bedroom, you can feel as though it is much tidier as there is less in there. Minimalist bedrooms often have a black and grey colour scheme but that can be done in various ways.

Many people do struggle to achieve a minimalist décor due to all of the things that they have in their bedroom. To deal with this, why not look at some of the self storage units available? These can be found all across the country which is ideal. Take for instance these Bronx storage units in New York which are available in a variety of different sizes to ensure there’s something for everyone. By using a secure self storage unit, you can achieve minimalist décor without having too throw away any of your prize possessions.

Bedroom Trends To Try In 2020

Golden Framing

Next up on our list of bedroom trends to try in 2020 is one that has been quite popular in 2019 but is sure to stick around in the coming year. Gold framing is unique and bold, and it often mirrors the art deco era which many people hope to achieve in their home. With gold framing, you can achieve this in a number of ways whether you are changing handles on your drawers to gold or adding some actual gold frames to your walls.

Other ways that you can make this work include having some accessories and baskets that are golden in your bedroom. Try this look and see what it does for your bedroom, we know that the apartments we have seen in the Bronx that have been trying this have worked quite well.

Bedroom Trends To Try In 2020

Pops Of Color

It can be easy to opt for the minimalist theme but what would happen if you tried this but with a pop of color? In 2020, we expect many bedrooms around NY to have some really great colors that are popping through. This brings a new light to the bedroom and it can work really well.

If you are wondering how you can achieve this look in 2020 then make sure to have a look online for some inspiration. Think about having some white walls and adding some colorful art on there. You can also have a bright yellow or blue chair at your desk or opt for some colorful cushions on your plain bedding that can make it pop. We are sure that this is going to be a hot trend so make sure to pay attention to it.

Industrial Design

The next bedroom trend on our list is one that might sound a little strange at first, but it can work very well if it is done right. Industrial designs are becoming more and more common in the home as they can add a sort of rustic look. You might have noticed that plenty of restaurants are opting for the industrial décor – do you like this when you visit?

If you do, then why not have this kind of décor in your bedroom? Your bed is the best place to start here so you might need to clear out your old one and go for an industrial frame. You should also look at the walls and consider uncovering the concrete to really bring the look together.

Bedroom Trends To Try In 2020

Floral Prints

Finally, you should consider investing in some floral prints for your bedroom in 2020 as we believe that this is going to be a hot trend. Floral prints can be used on your wallpaper or on your bedding and it can be done in a really classy way if you are careful.

Make sure to have a look online at some of the floral prints and see what you can do with your own bedroom.

Bedroom Trends To Try In 2020

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on giving your bedroom a makeover in the coming year then you should make sure to try out some of the trends. Think about clearing out your bedroom and going for a minimalist look or trying something different and going for an industrial look. Stay on top of the latest trends as they can change so often, but most importantly, have FUN with it! And make sure to also buy some A.M. Club Silk Scarves or gold prints to frame for some extra pizzazz:)