5ce93facf77d5a28d138c7a0dab120bfClothing: Ninh Photos by Eleanor Castellani
(instagram-@jordunlove)Model: Jordun Love

Recently I had Eleanor Castellani, an Australian writer/photographer visiting New York, help me produce this collaboration between some inspiring, young and awesome individuals who I am currently loving. She interviewed Ninh, designer of Ninh Collection, and styled Jordun Payne (or Jordun Love) for a photoshoot here in Chelsea, New York. We chose Jordun because his gorgeous locks of love and stunning, unique look. Within hours after concluding the shoot he signed with Major Model Management with sexy Shaun Ross. So so happy and proud of him! This 17 year old is going to KILL it. Really excited for him and his bright future. (He was already in a Beyonce video…I mean yeah…that kind of bright future). Plus Love was SO humble, one of the coolest people with such good vibes. I am a huge supporter of young creative people so this collaboration was definitely one of my favorites yet.
Below is the interview and piece written by Castellani who became one of my new closest friends over the course of a couple weeks and the team cannot wait to reunite with her in London for Fashion Week. Her writing is so eloquent I could read it for days. Enjoy below…
What advice would you give to aspiring designers?’
… ‘Don’t get into fashion design.’
Over Henessy on the rocks, I spoke with Ninh on the controversy that is the creative hustle.
Founder and designer of Ninh Collection, the Paris born dual citizen started his label cultivating the instincts of the creatively haywire.
Avant garde and a no holds barred incorporation of satin meets leather, with a tongue in cheek throw-in of statement collar pieces, there’s more edge than your conventional Swiss army.
Ninh believes the systematic design sphere leaves no creative control unless you’re directing your own line, designing for maisons artistically oppresses as you’ve got to colour within the lines. Don’t think Balmain will let it slide so easy if you’re straying too far from power shoulders.
It took what felt like forever to pull from Ninh’s Collection, 20 minutes alone deciding between a coat that screams Matrix and one that Madonna would punch on with Gaga for. One must shock the bourgeois, right?
Major Model’s newest recruit, Jordan Payne is the polarising talent under the threads. The 17 year old prodigy held a level of unmatched professionalism and humbleness, with angles and ‘smizes’ on par with Top Model finalists. Watch The Thrown on play and nonchalance in frame.
Keep an eye out for the Trinidadian hearth throb.
-Eleanor Castellani

Short video that Jordun and Shaun are featured in-“Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce