Fur Vest: Vintage Andrew Marc

Pants: Kelly Wearstler

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Clutch: LF Stores

Bracelets: Hermes, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie

Rings: Madewell and Vintage from my Grandma

Photos by Craig Arend (Altamira NYC and Models Off Duty)

Styled by Rachel Nosco

 O ya know, just your typical Subway ride in NYC. I’ve sworn to myself multiple times that I am not riding on this form of public transportation again due to crazy, insane freaks. You may be thinking “Wow, this girl thinks she’s a princess.” No, no I do not (ok maybe sometimes). However, I cannot even explain to you the experiences I have had on the Subways here in the city. If you think you’ve experienced something worse than me or want to know my stories, comment or email me. (Because the stories are not rated PG-13, yeah that bad). I could write a book alone on the experiences in the Subway. But anyways I think it builds character and I will just continue to call my Dad and complain about the freaks of nature and their incidents. PS. Touching the railing was torturous and I do not advise. (Germ city, yuck).

However, shooting this series with Craig Arend from Models Off Duty aka Altamira NYC was some fun times. Amazing to work with and quick results, my favorite combo. Met a couple entertaining people along our adventures (the man modeling in the 3rd picture, what a stud right?). There are endless things to do in the city readily accessible which is why I love it here so much. Plus meeting amazing people everyday is pretty awesome too.

I am in love with my new vintage fur vest! It is so cozy, goes with everything and feels so fluffy and soft on the outside and is lined with leather on the inside. (Sorry PETA, that was a double wammy). Then we have these perfect silk pants which are my new favorite because the print isn’t too bold and they go with everything. (If you know of any other silk pants you suggest, let me know because I want/need/love/etc). And what’s not to love about the arm party going on there? Silver on silver on silver stacked makes for a nice arm piece don’t cha think?


Viviere Bella

Live beautifully