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50 Ultimate Unique Summer Bucket List Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Summer

Truth be told, I am a huge list lover. I love making lists and checking things off. I am constantly craving new experiences because trying new things always inspires me to be more creative and open minded. I’ve realized that since I’ve started “adulting” I’ve put off making my summer bucket lists, however, I’m back and more excited than ever. I just finished listing the ultimate unique summer bucket list ideas which I have placed below. This isn’t your average list, I’ve added a lot of unique ideas for the most unforgettable and exciting summer yet.

Because you don’t want to just exist, you want to live. You crave the feeling of thriving and going on adventures and making memories that make you smile. Because you love to live life to the fullest.

“She wasn’t bored, just restless between adventures.”

The ultimate unique summer bucket list ideas50 Ultimate Unique Summer Bucket List Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Summer


1. Learn how to use a film camera
2. Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theater
3. Go to a National park
4. Have a picnic at the beach
5. Camp in an airstream
6. 24 hours with no Wifi
7. Use the everywhere tool in Skyscanner & book a spontaneous trip
8. Watch the sun rise
9. Roller blade, scooter, or bike
10. Go to an arcade
11. Make cookies & granola bars for the homeless
12. Road trip
13. Ride a ferris wheel
14. Go to a museum
15. Motorbike and/or motorcycle
16. Host a rooftop bbq
17. Visit an animal sanctuary
18. Go to casino to gamble (& win$)
19. Buy lottery tickets
20. Learn French on duolingo
21. Read 3 books
22. Make a vegan cake from Pinterest
23. Paint
24. Surprise someone
25. Finish a DIY project

The ultimate unique summer bucket list ideas


26. Take a dance class
27. Make a Summer playlist
28. Learn to drive stick shift
29. Learn to surf
30. Learn to juggle
31. Wear a silk scarf as a head wrap like Audrey Hepburn
32. Go night swimming & skinny dip
33. Jet ski
34. Ride a train
35. Mentor
36. Go to a state i’ve never been
37. Donate everything I haven’t used in the past year
38. Visit grandparents
39. Get another tattoo
40. Wine tasting
41. Write a song
42. Meditate
43. Stargaze / Meteor shower
44. Go to a festival
45. Go bowling
46. Take a family photo
47. Hot Springs
48. Ride a segway
49. Ride in a helicopter
50. Make an epic video from all these experiences

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The ultimate unique summer bucket list ideas